Businessmen box clever - it’s fight club time

IT’S being billed as the ultimate escapism for the stressed out businessman; a chance to achieve an elite level of fitness and a life-changing psychological experience.

Give yoga and survival weekends the KO. If you have €10,000 and are up for a gruelling challenge, the boxing ring is where it’s at.

Whitecollar boxing is growing at a phenomenal rate in New York and Former Irish Olympic boxer Kevin McBride is bringing it to Ireland.

From September 14, men will begin a six-week intensive boxing training course in Dublin where boxing, fitness, nutrition and health experts will treat them as if they’re preparing for a heavyweight title.

Next stop is the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, where in the world’s most famous training camp, the training will step up another gear for five days.

The original Great White Hope Gerry Cooney, two time world light welter weight champion, Tracey Patterson and fight guru Brian Burke will be setting the pace there.

From the Catskill Mountains, the team will then travel to the world-famous blood red walls of Gleeson’s Gym in New York where Muhammad Ali trained. It will be their first fight and they’ll be facing a team of Wall Street stockbrokers.

“Our expert matchmaker will match people up with someone of similar strength, weight, experience and ability. Each white collar contest lasts for three 1.5 minute rounds and boxers will have head guards and 18 oz gloves as opposed to the 10 oz used in conventional boxing,” said Kevin Mc Bride.

The grand finale is at CityWest Hotel in Dublin where the men will take on whitecollar boxers from London and Germany in a Las Vegas-themed night where families and friends can look on.

“It will be a rollercoaster ride. We have seven people signed up already and another four or five have rang me in the past 24 hours alone. Some of our future boxers include a stockbroker from Davy’s and an antiques dealer. It just shows the prosperity in this country really and the appetite for something different,” Mr McBride said.

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