Burren’s rich agricultural traditions acknowledged in book form

THE relationship between the heritage of the Burren in Co Clare and the agricultural traditions that shaped and sustained it has never been fully acknowledged, it was claimed yesterday.

Dr Brendan Dunford, author of a 100-page illustrated book, ‘Farming and the Burren’, published by Teagasc, said it is necessary to understand how the Burren functions, particularly from an agricultural perspective, in order to protect what is an increasingly limited and valued resource.

The book, sponsored by Teagasc, traces agriculture in the Burren through the ages.

Dr Dunford said further research is needed to provide the key to new forms of sustainable agricultural systems in the Burren, which will help to protect this environment.

Farm Minister Joe Walsh, who launched the book in Carron, said Dr Dunford’s history will ensure that perceptions of the region become more informed, and that all of the agencies charged with the serious responsibility of managing it will re-evaluate their positions.

The book, and the website burrenbeo.com, tell a story that has for all too long remained untold.

For many years the general public have been inundated with negative stories about the environmental damage instigated by farmers, all the while ignoring the enormous contribution made on a daily basis by generations of these very farmers to the heritage with which our country is blessed.

“The farmers of the Burren are playing a priceless role in protecting the heritage of the area,” said Mr Walsh.

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