Lynsey Bennett: 'I knew in my heart that I wasn't feeling as good as I had been'

'If anyone who knows of a boat that is safe enough to cross the Atlantic, please let me know'
Lynsey Bennett: 'I knew in my heart that I wasn't feeling as good as I had been'

Lynsey Bennett says that she needs to get back to Mexico for treatment following news that Pembro is not working Picture: Collins Courts

Lynsey Bennett has shared a long-awaited update on her treatment journey. 

Earlier this year, Bennett settled her High Court case against the HSE and the laboratory involved in her missed cancer diagnosis. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in January 2017 following a series of smears since 2010 which failed to detect disease.

Following her settlement in February, Bennett said she was relieved that she has security for her daughters Zoe, 12, and seven-year-old Hayley.

“Unfortunately, I probably will not be here much longer. It is just I will be able to have some peace knowing it is sorted.”

The mum-of-two started on the immunotherapy drug Pembrolizumab (Pembro) earlier this year after returning from cancer treatment in Mexico, which she describes as “the best decision that I have ever made”.

In November, she said that she was feeling well despite being told one year ago this week that she had less than 12 months to live.
“Friday is one year since I was told I had six to eight months to live and even with chemo, I might see 12 months but I would have no quality of life. The day after I found out, I organised my funeral,” she told Shannonside, adding she believes the treatment in Mexico saved her life.

“There is no way I could be the healthiest I've ever been in the last five years of a cancer journey. They taught me so much. I had a reduction of a centimetre and a half [in the tumour] and ever since I've come home and I've gone on the immunotherapy here, I've not had anything like that. It's only since Mexico that I've seen good results.” Ms Bennett has received seven sessions of Pembro and says her body is adjusting to the treatment, despite some side effects.

Lynsey Bennett has called on followers for help. 
Lynsey Bennett has called on followers for help. 

On Monday, Bennett took to Instagram with an appeal to her followers to help her to get back to Mexico. 

"This is an update and a bit of a request," she said. "Basically, I found out that unfortunately, the Pembro therapy hasn't been working.  I definitely am now trying to find a way that I can get back to Mexico because that is honestly where I had my best results where I felt the best I can be."

Life was just so full, Bennett says, that she couldn't use the at-home therapies that she received in Mexico as often as she would have liked.

"So if anybody knows of anybody heard  - or a few people -  that somehow by boat can get me to Mexico? Because I can't fly, unfortunately, due to the clots I have in my lungs and my arm - I am very, very high risk and there's just no way that I could fly. They also think that there's a possibility that the blood thinners are now which have been cut in half the dose that I've been getting, actually passing may be causing me to bleed."

Lynsey explained that she is going for a PET scan and will sit down with a surgeon to discuss possible treatment options in January, explaining that "we don't know if it's already spread to other areas or not."

With a potential to revisit a treatment option she had asked about last year but been told that it would not be a viable option to her, after which Lynsey says she will be out of options in Ireland. 

"If [that treatment] is not an option. then I'm all out of options other than trying to be kept comfortable in Ireland and I just love and adore my life so much."

She finished with an appeal.

"I am willing to look at all the options. If anyone knows of anyone with a yacht or a boat that is safe enough to get across the Atlantic. If there's any way that you share this or ask questions for me to try and work this out. Because we have been trying every avenue that we can think of to try and do this."

Friend singer and broadcaster Una Healy made her own appeal following Lynsey's update, saying.

"Please please help my friend Lynsey. She needs to find a safe way to get back over to Mexico for treatment."

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