There’s an entry point for everyone who wants to be a lady in red this season

It’s not just a trend, it’s a statement and there’s an entry point for everyone who wants to be a lady in red this season, says Carolyn Moore

Red. bright, bold, punchy, impactful — if you opened my wardrobe right now, those are not are not the descriptors that would come to mind.

I’m one of those people — all black, all the time. Maybe some grey to soften it. Navy if I’m feeling bold. The occasional pop of white to brighten things up.

It’s safe. It’s occasionally boring. It’s sometimes impactful in its own way. But ultimately, it just saves me time.

Because it’s not that I don’t like colour — whenever I step outside my comfort zone, I instantly appreciate its mood boosting (not to mention complexion boosting) properties — it’s just that colour complicates things.

My contribution to conscious consumerism is that I try to buy only what I know I’ll wear to death, and when colour comes into the mix — particularly ‘trend’ colours — I immediately question the long term value of that purchase.

But even I have to admit that this season my head has been turned by red. There’s no avoiding it, it’s absolutely everywhere, but there’s no ignoring it either, because red — as we’ve understood on an instinctive level forever — demands your attention.

It’s a colour drenched in symbolism, signifying love, passion, desire, courage, but also anger, danger and rebellion.

When it comes to making a statement, the wearing of red is generally considered a statement in and of itself, and that it’s been so widely embraced as the colour of this season feels strangely apt when you consider how women are feeling right now.

There was no fashion prophecy involved in predicting this current mood; no crystal ball that forecast #metoo, but when designers showed their predominately, or in some cases all red collections back in February, the rumblings of rebellion were there.

The impact was immediately felt and it was evident by the end of New York Fashion Week that red was a strong contender for colour of the season.

By the time the fashion set packed up and left Milan, it was clear that red was not merely a trend, it was a statement of intent, as designers let us know that now is not the time to be hiding in the shadows.

It was a call to action, and we’ve responded. We’re seeing red and wearing it too, demanding to be seen and heard.

So as we move into party season, prepare to let your little black dress sit this one out, and consider instead the power of the LRD.

Little or long, for day or for evening, a red dress is the single best investment you can make this season, and if dresses aren’t your thing, red tailoring packs just as much punch.

Unlike millennial pink, which didn’t integrate into my wardrobe at all, there’s an inherent strength in red which makes it much easier to fall for, and the beauty of red this season — and the reason I’m breaking the habit of a lifetime to buy into it — is that the best way to wear it is tone on tone and head to toe.

Red coat, red dress, red boots — it’s as easy and uncomplicated as any all black look, with 100 times the impact.

Where black can sometimes say ‘don’t look at me’, head to toe red screams confidence, and layering it up amplifies that message and shows you’re confident in your styling abilities to boot.

Go matchy matchy, à la Givenchy, or pull in complimentary tones of crimson, burgundy and wine, as seen at Roksanda and Victoria Beckham.

You’ll quickly discover there’s a whole spectrum of reds to be explored, and not all of them will suit you, but much like red lipstick, there is a red out there for everyone.

Likewise, there’s a plethora of red options across the style spectrum, so you can super charge your wardrobe with an injection of red whatever your style leanings.

From athleisure to outerwear, and knits to tailoring, there’s an entry point for everyone who wants to be a lady in red this season.

For the less daring, red boots are a subtler way to dip a toe into the trend. The knee high boots here would look sensational with a black dress and a red lip, so if you are going to let one red piece do the talking, mix it up and make it unexpected.

More is more when it comes to red, but it packs a punch whatever way you work it into your look, so if you’re done with millennial pink, try some power red — trust me, you won’t regret it.


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