Product Watch: A guide to 'hands-free' make-up

Keeping your hands from your face needn’t mean forgoing flawless make up, writes Rachel Marie Walsh .
Product Watch: A guide to 'hands-free' make-up
Scarlett Johansson wore AllEven’s spray-on Colour Shield to this year’s Golden Globes in January

Keeping your hands from your face needn’t mean forgoing flawless make up, writes Rachel Marie Walsh.

Being a mindful reader, you will know face-touching is very much verboten these days.

Covid-19 is thought to survive best on smooth, pore-free surfaces but is certainly wily enough to make it from said surfaces to hands to face.

This hands-off advice is a big ask of any beauty lover.

So many of us warm foundations between our palms before application and tap on eye cream with fingertips.

We blend two complementary shades of blush on the back of one hand and press toner on our cheeks with the flat of the other.

How can we make this work?

Two Birds, One Rule

Some already do, I am certain.

This health advice will be nothing new to those with combination or acne-prone skin.

Acne, of course, is never really cured but may be controlled through regularly clearing the bacteria, sebum and dead skin that causes the wretched come dones until your androgen activity/excess oil production levels off.

Touching the face is unhelpful

Removing spots and blackheads at home is best undertaken (carefully) with a comedones extractor.

The American Association of Dermatology warns that doing this with hands alone can result in permanent scars, more noticeable and more painful spots.

Pressing spots yourself also means you run the risk of infection caused by further transfer of bacteria.

Holding back throughout the day is essential for those looking to manage excess oil production as well as avoiding the virus.

It can spread dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands to your face, catalysing breakouts.

The association recommends only touching your face when cleansing, moisturising, or applying SPF cream or makeup even in normal circumstances — and only if your hands are clean, of course.

The lockdown keeps us inadvertently compliant.

Tactile Ticks

Touching your face may be the tick you never knew you’ve always had, nor one you know you share with President Donald Trump (he hasn’t touched it “in weeks” and in March told a White House meeting with airline executives that he “misses it,” reports The New York Times).

Recommendations for avoiding that nose rub/chin lean/nose tap include displacement activities like scribbling, tissue shredding or stress ball-squeezing.

I think it is far easier to keep reapplying a hand cream with a pleasant yet strong smell.

Let your nose warn your hands away, it may even provides some comfort now we are all washing like obsessive-compulsives.

Max Benjamin’s new bath and body range includes three charming shea butter-based creams.

The Wicklow-based home fragrance brand scents its creams with Sicilian lemon, Tuscan lavender and.

I especially like the Pink Pepper Luxury Hand Cream, €15 at , which has a spicy perfume with pear, jasmine, coffee, neroli and the eponymous pepper.

Still, you cannot stick to your normal morning routine (and its mood-stabilising to try) without getting hands-on with your products.

Cosmetic Distancing

The most obvious solution is gloves, professional makeup artists use vinyl, nitrile or latex gloves all the time.

Sally Beauty offers both reusable and disposable styles (from €2.95 + free delivery at ), and the gloves that come with your home hair colour will do in a pinch.

This is also a moment to investigate spray-on beauty, even if previous attempts left you cold.

I have tried a number of foundation sprays over the years and found their mess and considerable blending requirements taxing but when Scarlett Johansson wore London brand AllEven to the Golden Globes I was seriously impressed.

Colour Shield Face Hyaluronic Airbrush Foundation, €61.
Colour Shield Face Hyaluronic Airbrush Foundation, €61.

Created by Celia Forner, the 1987 Ford Supermodel of the World, AllEven offers spray makeup for the face and body.

The formulas have an extremely light feel and natural look.

Colour Shield Face Hyaluronic Airbrush Foundation, €61 at , creates a very fine corrective film that leaves a velvety feeling on the skin.

The precision applicator makes layering neat and quick.

Colour Shield’s even texture keeps your complexion completely smooth.

The coverage is that of an all-over concealer without the caking or patching.

Murad Hydration Prebiotic 3-in-1 Mist, €37.80.
Murad Hydration Prebiotic 3-in-1 Mist, €37.80.

Murad Prebiotic 3 in 1 MultiMist, €37.80, gives you a glow with or without makeup.

The peptide-rich, hydrating spray replenishes dry skin with prebiotics, balancing the microbiome and reducing redness.

This 3-in-1 formula features hydrating sugars to plump and refresh skin, while a yeast peptide helps bind hydration to its surface layers.

A multi- tasking biopolymer complex both primes and sets foundation.

Still, even getting beauty from a can makes it more of a hassle when you are used to smoothing, patting and leaving.

On the plus side, a 2019 study by three universities in Tokyo found women who wear makeup touch their faces less often during the day than those who do not (women from polluted areas were also reported as less touchy, a rare benefit of living leery in the city).

It certainly makes sense that if you’ve spent time on your face in the morning you don’t want anything to smudge but what if it does?

TooFaced Mr CoverUp Concealer Brush
TooFaced Mr CoverUp Concealer Brush

How does one touch up when she can’t touch anywhere?

Tools are the things, and TooFaced’s new Mr. Cover Up Concealer Brush, €23.50, is tapered for perfect, unassisted blending.

Its soft, densely-packed bristles are made with the brand’s own cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair,™ keeping your makeup streak (as well as hands)-free.

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