Street trend: Eileen Boland

Age: 24.

Street trend: Eileen Boland

What are you wearing? I’m wearing a Zara jacket (€45) and Sandro top (€59) from Siopaella, River Island trousers (€40), Topshop shoes (€60) and a Zara bag (€59).

Describe your style in three words? Eclectic, random and unpredictable.

How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning? Usually about an hour, unless I plan outfits the day before. I might change once or twice while doing my hair and makeup.

Fashion or function — which word best describes your attitude to clothes and why? Fashion. I tend to care more about how items look than how they feel. I can’t really feel my feet anymore from too much walking in heels!

What’s your biggest source of style inspiration? Street style blogs and Instagram. I love seeing items or colours worn in unexpected ways and then try to replicate it myself.

Where do you like to shop? I mostly pick stuff up at Siopaella but otherwise, I tend to shop online. I like having so much to browse through.

What is Ireland’s greatest undiscovered gem? Siopaella, of course. Consignment is a great way to up-cycle your wardrobe which is still only catching on in Ireland.

Why does your style/outfit work? My style works because I blend different colours and textures but like to keep the tones the same. My style is more reflective of my mood than of fashion trends and I try to dress for my body shape.

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