Street trend: Melissa Curley and Miwa Walshe

Melissa doesn't like Rihanna’s clothes they’re selling in River Island and Miwa thinks it's hard to make leggings work.

Street trend: Melissa Curley and Miwa Walshe

Name: Melissa Curley

Age: 35

Occupation: Starting own home entertaining business Favourite shops: I love Top Shop and Stratavarius in the Jervis Centre, Dublin

What are you wearing? Shoes, Office €45 on sale; tights, Penneys, €3; dress, Asos, free from my niece; cardigan, Marks & Spencer, €40

Most expensive item ever bought? I once spent £95 on a pair of trousers, back when we had pounds. I had to tell everyone they were £40

Best bargain? I got a check shirt with leather elbows in a surf shop for €10. It had beautiful material

Best dressed celebrity? So hard to say, I don’t follow celebrities. I guess Amy Huberman if I had to pick someone

Worst dressed celebrity? I don’t like Rihanna’s stuff at all, especially the gear they’re selling in River Island

How much would you spend on clothes per month? I’m on a start-up budget at the moment, so no more than €50 to €100 I’d say

Fashion faux-pas? People who have no awareness of size, what suits them, and what to wear that’s right for them

Name: Miwa Walshe

Age: 46

Occupation: Fashion designer

Favourite shops: Bow in Powerscourt, Dublin is my favourite in Ireland, but I also love Mina in Japan,

What are you wearing? Shoes, Paul Green at Arnotts, the price I can’t remember; dress is an Indian hand-stitched dress that I found in a café/boutique run by two sisters near Lombard Street, D8, in a huge size and redesigned myself, about €150 in a sale, reduced by 50%; wrap, Electric Sheep, €100; bag, Jerome Dreyfuss, on sale for €300, down from €600

Most expensive item ever bought? I don’t usually spend that much, but I look for quality. My most expensive really was a traditional kimono for my wedding

Best bargain? I love getting fabric from all around the world, but I got a wonderful one from Guatemala that was incredible value for me.

Best dressed celebrity? It’s hard to say, when they wear expensive clothes it’s easy to look gorgeous.

Worst dressed celebrity? I can’t think of any that stand out either good or bad

How much would you spend on clothes per month? It’s hard to say. Sometimes I won’t buy anything for several months as I buy quality that lasts for a long time, so I don’t shop often.

Fashion faux-pas? Leggings. Even with a lovely figure, it’s really hard to make them work.

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