Emma Bunton: Mel B and I cried when we saw our children dancing together

Emma Bunton: Mel B and I cried when we saw our children dancing together
Spice Girls reunion tour

Emma Bunton has spoken of the emotional experience of seeing her children bond with the offspring of the other Spice Girls.

The singer, who shares sons Tate, nine, and Beau, 12, with partner Jade Jones said the relationships between the group have changed due to motherhood.

She told Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast: “I think actually all of us have never been happier. And it’s funny, priorities change.

“For me, my priorities completely changed. I feel very lucky that I can obviously do everything but my children are my priority so I work around that.

“But with the other girls, we talk about all sorts and it was so lovely on this tour to see the kids interacting and just chatting, singing and playing games. It was very, very sweet.

“Individually all the children, obviously we’re up there and it’s the Spice Girls, but that’s just their mummies up there.

“It’s so nice to see them all hang out. It’s so lovely. Just over Christmas, Tate spent some time with Harper and it’s funny. You know, they’re dancing together and just having that connection is really special.”

She added: “Melanie B and I cried our eyes out one night, because our two youngest were right at the front dancing together and all of a sudden they just grabbed each other and hugged for ages!

“And that was it, me and Mel were like, ‘oh my goodness!’ It was such a special moment that they’re having that connection.

“It’s funny because you can see your character in your children and you can see the other girls characters in their children, and it’s just brilliant.”

Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast is available from acast.com.

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