6 reasons why you need to catch Wicked The Musical in Dublin

The smash-hit musical is returning to Dublin’s Bord Gais Energy Theatre from July 18 to September 1.

6 reasons why you need to catch Wicked The Musical in Dublin

Wicked the musical has been casting a spell over audiences across the world for 15 years now and luckily for us, it’s defying gravity and returning to Dublin’s Bord Gais Energy Theatre this summer.

The smash-hit musical, which tells the epic story behind The Wizard Of Oz, has been mesmerizing audiences around the world for over a decade now and if you haven't witnessed the magic already, here’s why you should grab yourself some green face paint and join the masses.

1. Friendship goals

Without any giving away any spoilers, Glinda and Elphaba will leave you wanting to run and hug your best friend.

Similar to Disney’s Frozen, Wicked is more of a tale of an unlikely friendship and sisterhood than it is a love story.

The musical flipped the script on what you would think would be numbers about lust and love and transformed into odes to friendship, and hatred.

Because I knew you, I have been changed for good

2. The costumes

Through the performance, your eyes will witness racks and racks of whimsical costumes that will have you green with envy.

Deck out in green gems, studs, feathers and frills, it’s plain to see why designer Susan Hilferty took home the prestigious Tony Award for Best Costume in 2004.

3. Wizard of Oz easter eggs

Fans that were brought up propped in front of the telly watching Baum’s Wizard of Oz will recognise an abundance of hidden easters egg throughout the performance, including some fancy ruby footwear.

4. It will make you popular

As well as becoming very cultured in the world of musical theatre you might learn a hair toss that will turn a head or two.

5. Life lessons

While you can watch Wicked and be absolutely blown by the cast, the outstanding musical score, and theatrical effects, there are also several meaningful messages to be taken away.

Learning how to be comfortable in your own skin, not to judge a book by its cover and learning never to give up, are only a few of the life lessons that scratch the surface.

6. Supporting our own

Jason Broderick from County Cork is a member of the ensemble as well as the 1st cover for Boq.

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