WATCH: The moment that Daniel O’Donnell loses his cool on tonight’s Room to Improve


WATCH: The moment that Daniel O’Donnell loses his cool on tonight’s Room to Improve

Tonight’s the night that we get to see Dermot Bannon get his hands on Daniel and Majella O’Donnell’s picturesque Donegal home.

In a teaser clip released last week, viewers saw Daniel and Majella get feisty with the well-known architect over his proposed design.

As the couple starts tweaking the plans, including retaining an en-suite upstairs, the costs skyrocket.

When Room to Improve quantity surveyor Lisa O’Brien comes to break the news, that the design comes in at €200,000, Daniel is not happy.

Lisa O’Brien says: “We got three tenders back. They are ranging from €340,000 to €395,000. The build rates that I got back from the main contractors are good value. The original design changed and the tender package that went out was not the original design that was on the cost plan. There were changes made. Daniel wanted to keep an en-suite upstairs, therefore, there were walls to be knocked down which were structural... This is typical. At tender stage you put all the wishes and the dreams into that tender document, then reality hits that they can’t afford that and we rein it back."

Dermot suggests that getting rid of the en-suite (which was Daniel’s only request) would scale the projected cost back by at least €20,000.

But Daniel tells him: “It is a ridiculous figure. You came first of all with a fantastic plan and now you are taking the whole lot away again. There is no point in beating about the bush.”

As Dermot tries to reassure him, the singer loses his cool.

“Even though I would like things done to the house, I couldn’t care less if there was nothing done.”

Watch the moment here:

Now, that's something we don't see every day.

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