Thursday’s TV tips

Here's what we recommend to watch on the box tonight.

Thursday’s TV tips

Inside Shannon (RTE One, 7pm)

Tonight in Shannon we find out how John Francis, Head of Security keeps the airport safe for staff and passengers.

We go behind the scenes with Operations Director Niall Maloney as HRH Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall arrive at the airport.

Michael O’Leary flys in to give a passenger a big surprise and Aer Lingus Duty Manager Sandra Marsh has to look after a local artist who is taking a special painting to Buckingham Palace.

George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (Ch4, 8pm)

Back in the Victorian era, bathing machines were all the rage, capable of hiding a person’s modesty while allowing them to enjoy the pleasures of the ocean.

Margate’s seafront was once full of them, but it hasn’t seen a new one in more than 100 years.

But George is about to meet a man who has been entrusted with £30,000 by the local community to create another.

Also featured is a man who, since coming out of a coma, has what could be described as a devil-may-care attitude to death – which has inspired him to turn a hearse into a family camper van, and transform the on-board coffin into a pop-up kitchen.

Later, a floating bookshop catches George’s eye, and he and Will search for flotation devices for their beach hut.

Finally, a trip to Binz in the former East Germany includes a visit to an extraordinary lifeguard tower.

The Missing Evidence: Jack the Ripper (TV3, 9pm)

During a three-month period in 1888, a knifewielding serial killer murdered six women on the streets of Whitechapel.

Their throats were cut and their bodies horribly mutilated. He was never caught and his identity remains one of the world’s greatest crime mysteries.

In the years that have passed since Jack the Ripper’s killing spree, many high-profile suspects have been suggested, yet the fact remains that none of them can be placed at any of the crime scenes.

Now, journalist Christer Holmgren believes that he has found a suspect who can not only be linked directly to one of the murders but also whose daily routine could be consistent with all the other deaths.

Unforgotten (ITV, 9pm)

New series. Crime drama, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar as detectives investigating a cold-case killing from almost 40 years earlier.

The discovery of a skeleton in the cellar of a demolished building launches a murder hunt, headed up by DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan.

However, all they have to go on is a car key found near the body, which leads them on a search to find out who he is, as well as how, when and why he died.

The all-star supporting cast includes Tom Courtenay, Trevor Eve, Bernard Hill, Ruth Sheen, Gemma Jones and Hannah Gordon.

Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC1, 9pm)

Mark Gatiss is the youngest in a family of three children born in Sedgefield, County Durham, in 1966 and grew up opposite the imposing Edwardian psychiatric hospital where his father worked.

He’s always believed the place at least partly inspired his love of all things gothic and mysterious – is he right, or do his genes play a part?

Gatiss hopes to find out during this episode, during which he researches his maternal line during a trip to Northern Ireland.

He discovers his ancestors were story-tellers, which Gatiss, as a writer as well as an actor, certainly is too.

But it’s the news that they were also regarded as the real-life version of Dracula’s Dr Van Helsing that really shocks him. Sometimes, fact really is stranger than fiction.

Boy Meets Girl (BBC2, 9.30pm)

Judy’s birthday has arrived and preparations are under way for the not-very-surprise party, although Pam is not too happy at the gaudy makeover of her home.

However, that’s nothing compared with how she feels when she learns the truth about the birthday girl – especially when it turns out she is the last one to know.

Meanwhile, Leo can’t afford to buy Judy an expensive present, so in the end he pops a special question – but it doesn’t go how he expected when she takes it as a joke.

Is this the end of the road for the couple?

Comedy, starring Harry Hepple, Rebecca Root and Denise Welch. Last in the series.

Live: The Sin Bin (TV3, 10pm)

Hosted by ‘Off The Ball’s’ Joe Molloy and top comedian Andrew Maxwell, The Sin Bin will be the cheeky, topical entertainment show to catch during the Rugby World Cup.

Going out live every Thursday night at 10pm, this is the show where every funny, contentious, or off the ball moment of the tournament will be ripped apart and thrown into our comedic half hour mix.

Joining Andrew and Joe in the studio will be some of the biggest names in world rugby, as well as comedians and actors… basically anybody who wants to join Ireland’s World Cup party!

We’ll sample all the tension and exhilaration on the streets and at the games with our comedy VT hit squad, plus we’ll top it all off a with an amazing competition in each show where the winner gets to travel to the Rugby World Cup to attend the team captains’ coin flip.

These Walls Can Talk (RTE One, 10.15pm)

These Walls Can Talk is a landmark first for Irish television - an intimate portrayal of the Irish Deaf Community, told through their unique experience of St Joseph's School for Deaf Boys in Cabra.

Partially demolished in 2011, this controversial school has divided opinion among the community, and certainly among the men featured in Garry Keane’s powerful film.

For over 150 years the Christian Brothers’ run school provided an education, developed a community and offered a chance of a future.

But for some, who experienced years of physical and sexual abuse within its walls, that opportunity came at a huge price.

Taxi Driver (Film4, 11.15pm)

(1976) Martin Scorsese’s slow-burning drama follows the disturbing descent into madness of Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro), an isolated, misanthropic New York cab driver.

Bickle becomes increasingly unhinged by the apparent corruption and urban decay he encounters on a daily basis, and in an attempt to find a glimmer of hope for the future, he desperately attempts to make connections with some of his fellow Big Apple residents, in particular political campaigner Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) and teenage prostitute Iris (Jodie Foster).

But his efforts seem doomed to failure, and he is gradually driven towards a brutal act of violence.

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