Monday’s TV tips

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Monday’s TV tips

Carol Klein’s Plant Odysseys (BBC2, 7pm)

The last episode of the series sees Carol looking at the history and development of the water lily, a plant of unlikely economic importance, spiritual significance and artistic inspiration.

She meets a leading experts in water-lily breeding to find out about a plant-insect relationship that brings about a dramatic overnight colour and sex change, and learns about its unique prehistoric pollinating system.

She also visits South Korea and takes part in a festival held in honour of the lotus, a close relative of the water lily that is revered by Buddhist monks.

The Rose of Tralee International Festival 2015 (RTE One, 8pm)

The 56th International Rose of Tralee Selection will be broadcast live from the festival dome in Tralee, Co Kerry.

Returning host Dáithí O Sé will present the hugely popular television event and will interview 32 roses over two nights.

Last year saw Philadelphia Rose Maria Walsh was crowned -but which of the 32 Roses will be selected as the 57th Rose of Tralee?

Flying to the Ends of the Earth (C4, 8pm)

Arthur Williams heads into Canada’s vast untamed wilderness, beginning by taking a 1930s flying boat upriver to the Great Bear rainforest region and viewing ancient rock art commemorating chiefs of the Kitasoo First Nations tribe.

He then hitches a lift with a supply plane to Wekweeti, a Native American community in the far north that was built in the 1960s as a social experiment.

Finally, Arthur tries his hand prospecting on the edge of the Arctic Circle with a man who has made $3m from gold deposits he has spotted from the air. Last in the series.

The Scandalous Lady W (BBC2, 9pm)

Her roles in Game of Thrones and The Tudors mean she’s no stranger to tales of sex, power and intrigue, so who better to take the lead in this one-off period drama than Natalie Dormer?

It tells the remarkable true story of Seymour, Lady Worsley, who created an 18th-century scandal when she left her husband Sir Richard Worsley (Endeavour’s Shaun Evans) for her best friend George Bisset (Aneurin Barnard, who was recently seen in 'Cilla').

Her spouse was so outraged by this turn of events that he sought compensation from her lover for defiling his "possession".

However, Lady Worsley was about to create another scandal as she exposed the secrets of her marriage, in the process challenging ideas about a woman’s worth.

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild (C5, 9pm)

Compared to some of the other people who have been featured in this series, Nic and Ady Goddard may not seem to have travelled far, they have chosen to start their new life on the beautiful island of Rum in the Inner Hebrides, off the west coast of Scotland.

But just because they haven’t left the UK, it doesn’t mean the couple and their two children don’t face some of the same challenges as families situated in more far-flung locations.

Ben finds out what inspired the Goddards to leave a comfortable home in Worthing for a caravan on an eight-mile long island with only 40 other residents, and joins them in battling the elements as they dig the foundations for the new cobb house they hope will be their future home.

Travel Guides (UTV Ireland, 9pm)

The tourists head to the resort of Playa de las Americas in Tenerife for an all-inclusive holiday.

The Boyles from Dorset have never been on a package holiday, but initial excitement soon turns to dread when they encounter the hotel’s British-style buffet restaurant, while Birmingham socialites Riah, Reena and Keisha go on a quest to find holiday romance.

Pete and Linda can’t understand why anyone would want to leave the hotel when there’s free beer on tap, and the Brearleys test out the hotel’s evening karaoke – much to the embarrassment of 14-year-old Ben. Johnny Vegas narrates.

Andrew Marr on Churchill: Blood, Sweat and Oil Paint (BBC4, 9pm)

Think of Winston Churchill and what springs to mind? Probably an image involving cigar-chomping and wartime.

But away from the spotlight, Churchill was an accomplished artist, and here, Marr investigates his lifelong love for painting, revealing the ways in which his hobby helped shape his career as a politician and statesman.

Marr travels to the south of France and Morocco to discovers how the former PM’s serious approach to the craft of led to friendships with major British artists of the 20th century, and he finds out how a single painting may have influenced the course of the Second World War.

Revenge Porn (C4, 10pm)

Anna Richardson goes to extraordinary lengths to investigate what happens when someone maliciously shares intimate photos of another person without their consent.

Anna meets the victims of such actions, talks to experts and confronts the perpetrators of these crimes, the effects of which can have devastating and life-changing consequences.

As she digs deeper, she discovers a community of men who take pleasure from threatening and shaming women online and decides to place herself at the epicentre of the revenge porn phenomenon.

The River Murders (3e, 11pm)

(2011)Ray Liotta and Christian Slater star in this suspense filled thriller.

When a series of murder victims only common thread is their tie to the investigating detective, the FBI steps in while the detective and his partner try to catch the real killer.

Starring: Ray Liotta, Christian Slater.

Panic Room (2002) *** (Film4, 12.50am)

This white-knuckle thriller finds recent divorcee mother Meg Altman (Jodie Foster) holed up in her New York mansion with her young, diabetic daughter Sarah (Kristen Stewart). They hide in a sanctuary called the panic room when three criminals besiege their home.

Burnham (Forest Whitaker), Raoul (Dwight Yoakam) and Junior (Jared Leto) are searching for a fortune in bearer bonds, which belonged to the previous owner of the house – and just so happens to be in the panic room.

Mother and daughter must play a deadly game of cat and mouse to escape alive. David Fincher’s film is a triumph of style over content, full of tension and claustrophobia.

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