Wednesday’s TV tips

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Wednesday’s TV tips

The Autistic Gardener (Channel 4, 8pm)

Award-winning designer Alan Gardner and his team of fellow autistic horticultural enthusiasts tackle another unruly garden, this time setting out to radically update an old-fashioned plot for two twenty-somethings, both named Alex, in north east London.

Alan and the team decide to bring a sense of the modern and tropical to the 60ft by 20ft space and have a budget of just £5000 to complete their ambitious plans, but it won’t stop raining – will the non-stop downpours scupper their plans? Last in the series.

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door (Channel 5, 8pm)

The story of Mandy, whose life became unbearable when she moved to the remote Yorkshire countryside and was systematically terrorised by her neighbour Kenneth each day for almost 10 years.

Her life was made even harder because nobody believed her and she had no support from any nearby neighbours in her remote location.

Plus, how Doncaster couple Mandy and Carl’s friendly relationship with their long-time neighbours turned sour as a result of gossip and the purchase of some noisy dogs, while CCTV footage shows two couples who came to blows on a driveway.

Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (BBC2, 8pm)

We’ve all done it – reaching into the fridge, nipping to the shop or driving to the fast food joint, against our better judgement, for a quick fix of sugary or fatty food.

But what is the best way to stop yourself from craving junk? Apparently when your body craves these ’bad’ foods, it is actually looking for nutrients – some of which can be found in more healthy substitutes.

Here, in the last edition of the series, Michael Mosley and the team recruit more than 200 volunteers to test a surprising way to cure these cravings.

Meanwhile, Dr Saleyha Ahsan shows how to spot a stroke before it happens, and Dr Chris van Tulleken considers whether organic food is good for your health. Finally, surgeon Gabriel Weston investigates a potentially groundbreaking new treatment for cancer.

Don’t Tell the Bride (BBC1, 8pm)

Even if we’ve had our doubts about one or two of the couples featured, this series has proved that Don’t Tell the Bride and BBC One are definitely a match made in heaven.

The run comes to an end with groom Dean, who sees his wedding as a chance to relive his clubbing days, and organises a nostalgic wedding in a London nightclub.

Unfortunately, it seems his bride-to-be Sandra, who has been kept waiting nearly a decade for her big day, has different ideas, and has pinned her hopes on a ceremony in her childhood church, followed by a reception in a castle...

The Interceptor (BBC1, 9pm)

With Roach’s identity finally revealed, and the villain seemingly within the Unit’s grasp, the team now faces the challenge of intercepting his massive shipment of drugs and ensuring there’s evidence to link it to him.

But how far is Ash prepared to go to bring down his nemesis?

Meanwhile, Roach is feeling under pressure from both outside and inside his organisation.

With Casby feeding his paranoia, Roach becomes convinced that another crew is after his business, and that there is a traitor within his own gang. Crime drama, starring O-T Fagbenle and Trevor Eve. Last in the series.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Inside the Post Office (BBC2, 9pm)

The latest organisation to get the behind-the-scenes treatment is the Post Office, which is undergoing the biggest shake-up in its history.

For nearly 400 years the Post Office has been at the heart of our high streets and the centre of village life, but keeping more than 11,000 Post Offices open has been costing the taxpayer millions of pounds, money the government has said it is no longer prepared to spend.

Chief executive Paula Vennells wants to reinvent the business for the 21st century and make it stand on its own two feet, but does progress come at too high a price?

Transporter 3 (Film4, 9.00pm)

(2008) Jason Statham returns as Frank Martin in Olivier Megaton’s brawny sequel.

Expect car chases and punch-ups galore in this high-octane action movie, as Statham proves why he’s become the new king of the action genre.

Transporter 3 appropriates an eco-friendly central theme as a hook, but the filmmakers are more interested in orchestrating mayhem than saving the planet.

Frank is sent on a job to pick up Valentina (Natalya Rudakova), the kidnapped daughter of Leonid Vasilev (Jeroen Krabbe), head of Ukraine’s powerful Environmental Protection Agency. However, plans go awry when sparks of passion fly between Frank and Valentina.

Striking Distance (3e, 10pm)

(1993) Starring Golden Globe winners Bruce Willis (The Whole Ten Yards) and Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex And The City) along with Dennis Farina (Get Shorty), Tom Sizemore (Heat) and Brion James (Blade Runner).

Tom Hardy (Bruce Willis) is a fifth-generation Pittsburgh cop. Formerly a homicide detective, Hardy was busted down to river rescue patrol two years ago when he publicly challenged his superiors, including most of his own family, about the identity of his father’s killer.

Convinced that a newly active serial killer is the same gunman who murdered his father-despite the fact that another man is already behind bars for that crime-Hardy is working out of his jurisdiction to catch the murderer.

At odds with his new partner (Sarah Jessica Parker), he goes around the system, defying his uncle (Dennis Farina), his father’s successor as chief of homicide, as he races the clock to find the real killer before the wrong man is executed for the crime.

Starring: Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Farina, Tom Sizemore.

Crash (Film4, 11.05pm)

(2004) Employing a tightly woven, multi-layered narrative, Crash draws parallels between characters of different faiths, backgrounds and classes who find themselves trapped in the multi-cultural melting pot of contemporary Los Angeles.

It’s a haunting modern morality play, unearthing uncomfortable universal truths about intolerance and prejudice in us all.

Comedy, tragedy and romance collide with surprising and often moving results, interspersed with breathtaking set-pieces, bolstered by fantastic performances from an ensemble cast which includes Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon and Tony Danza.

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