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Thursday's TV tips

Grand Designs: Living in the City (Ch4, 8pm)

New series. Kevin McCloud presents the first of four special programmes inspired by 15 years of Grand Designs.

He begins with a look at the challenges of self-building in the city, where space is at a premium and architects have to be at their most ingenious.

Kevin uses footage from the best urban builds from the show over the years, meets pioneers at the forefront of the latest architectural thinking and looks at clever innovations that continue to transform people’s lives to reveal which designs work best and why.

** Last in Series ** Exiles (RTE Two, 8.30pm)

The Exiles have been in Vancouver for 4 months now, and they are starting to reflect on their journey so far.

Novus is very happy with Nicola and her presenting skills, and have asked her to interview two of the most famous women in Vancouver, Ronnie and Mary stars of the hit reality show “Real Housewives.”

India and Dean have been working on some songs she wrote, they head to the studio to record. But after a week of rehearsals India’s voice is weak and out of tune, they only have one day to get it right and Dean is worried.

George is putting on his show in 3 hours and needs to do a dress rehearsal. He has pulled in all the skills and talent from the exiles group but is under pressure as there’s still lots to do and the clock is ticking.

Jade is getting her photos ready for her exhibition in the 14W7 gallery, but she doesn’t have time to frame them all. Only half are framed so with no time left she has to hang them as they are.

Adoption Stories (TV3, 8.30pm)

In the fifth episode of the series, we meet Paul Little who didn’t know he was adopted until he was 27. He didn’t have much interest in looking for his birth family and just got on with his life.

Maggie Lyng always knew she was adopted and was looking to meet her natural mother for years, without success. Then, her social worker told her about her brother…

Married at First Sight (Ch4, 9 pm)

Finding love in the 21st century can be a daunting and difficult thing for some people.

But are we over-thinking the situation? Or would it be easier to let others choose for us?

This new series, which has already enjoyed success with versions made in the US and Denmark, aims to find singletons their perfect mate, with help from a team of experts that features a sexologist, a spiritualist, a psychologist and a sociologist.

They will then tie the knot – without ever having spoken to each other; the first time they meet will be at the altar.

The newlyweds will then live together for a set period of time before deciding whether or not to continue with their relationship.

Is the programme an interesting sociological experiment, or a cheap reality show? It’s up to you to decide.

Our Holiday Coast (BBC2, 9pm)

New series. The desire to escape the daily grind and head off on holiday is something many people crave – but why do so many still make a beeline for the beach?

Nick Crane and the rest of the Coast team embark on a quest to find out. He begins by following a centuries-old tourist trail to Margate, revealing that the beach has a biological effect on people’s stress levels.

Miranda Krestovnikoff experiences a camping safari on Shell Island in north Wales and Ruth Goodman finds out about an explosive episode of pre-war politics that put sleepy St Leonards on the front pages.

Drag Me to Hell (5*, 9.00pm)

(2009) Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) works in a Los Angeles loans office and has her eye on the vacant assistant manager’s position.

So when the enigmatic Mrs Ganush (Lorna Raver) comes into the bank to beg for a third extension to her home loan, Christine politely but firmly denies the request. Mrs Ganush retaliates by attacking Christine, cursing her with the Lamia, a demon that will claim the young woman’s soul three days hence.

With emotional support from her professor boyfriend Clay (Justin Long), Christine solicits spiritual guidance from psychic Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) and his seer (Adriana Barraza) to break the curse.

Evil Dead director Sam Raimi returns to tongue-in-cheek horror with this entertaining mix of gore and dark humour. Let there be blood and chuckles.

Beginners (Film4, 1.40am)

(2010) Christopher Plummer became the oldest ever Oscar winner thanks to his incredible performance in Mike Mills’s heartbreaking comedy drama inspired by the writer-director’s relationship with his own father.

Los Angeles-based illustrator Oliver Fields (Ewan McGregor) is devastated by the passing of his mother but his grief turns to stunned amazement when his 75-year-old father Hal (Plummer) reveals that he married his wife knowing he was gay and he has denied his true self since he said, “I do”.

Free to explore his sexuality, Hal immerses himself in the gay scene, winning the heart of a forty-something boyfriend, Andy (Goran Visnjic).

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