Wednesday’s TV tips

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Wednesday’s TV tips

HEALTH: Operation Transformation (RTE One, 8.30pm)

The five leaders get ready for their penultimate weigh-in.

Very soon the leaders will be ditching the lycras and donning their glad rags for the finale special.

The pressure is still on though with only one week to go until the Operation Transformation 5K run.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Great Comic Relief Bake Off (BBC1, 8.30pm)

Telly’s leading lights have struck gold with this entertaining effort.

Taking one of Britain’s best-loved programmes and adding some shiny celebrities to the mix was a stroke of genius – and it’s all for a good cause.

Tonight, as Mel Giedroyc presses ahead with the second series, another four famous faces makes their way into the tent. But do Jonathan Ross, Abbey Clancy, Gok Wan and internet video blogger Zoella know their sponges from their tarts?

Their three challenges include 24 cupcakes, a technical bake involving 20 profiteroles and a showstopping marble cake inspired by their favourite building.

It’s judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood they need to impress...

REAL LIFE: World’s Biggest Hips (Channel 5, 9pm)

Love her or loathe her, Kim Kardashian has inspired a whole generation of women to make the most of their curves, as she’s gone about doing everything she can to enhance hers.

But the reality star has got nothing on the four women featured in this rather insightful documentary.

It follows plus-size women who are proud of their figures.

Plus-size model Mikel’s 100-inch hips actually hold the record for being the biggest in the world, and she’s proud of her ’unique figure’.

We also meet Austrian-born Claudia who works as a model in Los Angeles, New Yorker Marlena, who struts her stuff in a dance studio, and Denise, who makes a living selling clips of her curves to men attracted to the fuller figure.

Whether you agree with their way of life or not, you simply can’t fault their confidence. Some might even say they’re better role models than Ms Kardashian...

FILM: Independence Day (Film4, 9pm)

(1996) Aliens invade earth and threaten mass destruction. Can a cocky fighter pilot and lanky Jewish cable repair man save the day?

No prizes for guessing the answer to that question!

By rights, this multi-million dollar blockbuster should have been a huge flop. The script is unintentionally hilarious and the macho American posturing gets on the nerves of most non-US viewers after a while.

However, hop over the gaping plot holes such as Will Smith’s remarkable capacity to fly an alien space ship and Jeff Goldblum hacking into an alien mainframe with not so much a system error in sight.

The result? Glorious escapism with a super David Arnold score and special effects to die for.

Starring: Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Randy Quaid

DOCUMENTARY: The Great Sex Addict Heist: The Dog – Storyville (BBC4, 10pm)

[comment] Picture Shows: John Wojtowicz. Photographer: Marcia Resnick [/comment]

The latest Storyville documentary takes a look at eccentric New Yorker John Wojtowicz.

If you recognise the name but can’t quite place it, he was the inspiration behind Al Pacino’s character in iconic film Dog Day Afternoon.

The programme explains that the film, which told of how Wojtowicz took a bank hostage in the hope of raising enough money for his transsexual lover’s sex change, only captured one piece of a much bigger story.

This Storyville was filmed over a 10-year period and details the life of Wojtowicz in the years leading up to his death, as he explains that his excessive libido led to him having multiple female and male lovers.

As archive footage of the robbery is used alongside 1970s-era interviews and the early gay liberation movement is explained, this programme tells all about Wojtowicz’s larger-than-life image.

DOCUMENTARY: Junk Food Kids: Who’s to Blame? (Channel 4, 10pm)

British children have a big problem – quite literally it would seem.

A third of them are now overweight or obese, and in 2013-2014, 26,000 children had rotten teeth removed under general anaesthetic, mainly because of poor diet and lack of teeth brushing.

This programme looks into a generation of ’junk food kids’, as doctors and surgeons offer their opinions about why our children are so unhealthy, as well meeting parents who are trying to do the best by the children and improve their health.

First up, cameras follow patients at Leeds Children’s Hospital, including 13-year-old Pavia, who has gained 4st 7lbs over the last year. Her mum Clare is worried her daughter’s weight is getting out of control.

Meanwhile, four-year-old Talulah faces an operation to remove eight teeth, and mum Natalie tells how 90 per cent of her shopping is convenience food.

FILM: Changing Lanes (3e, 10pm)

(2002) Director Roger Michell follows up the hit romantic comedy Notting Hill with this thought-provoking thriller.

Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson star, respectively, as Gavin Banek and Doyle Gibson, two New York men whose lives become accidentally intertwined in a Good Friday fender bender on the FDR Drive.

Late for a crucial appointment, hotshot lawyer Gavin tosses Doyle a blank check and leaves the scene, while Doyle, whose car is inoperable, is late for a court-appointed custody hearing.

A recovering alcoholic, Doyle's tardiness doesn't sit well with the judge, who - sick of waiting for Gipson - grants custody to Doyle's ex-wife in Doyle's absence.

The situation worsens when it becomes evident that Doyle has an equally important file belonging to Gavin, which proves that an elderly man gave Banek's firm power-of-attorney over his foundation.

So begins an escalating war of words and deeds between the two men. Soon, egged on by an associate (Toni Collette), Gavin hires a "fixer" (Dylan Baker) to destroy Doyle's credit, forcing Doyle to fire back with some cunning moves of his own.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Samuel L. Jackson

FILM: Erin Brockovich (Channel 5, 10pm)

(2000) The eponymous single mother, desperate to find work, pleads her way into a routine administrative job at a law firm.

It’s not long before she stumbles across a case brought against a powerful company suspected of poisoning the residents of a small town – and, realising something is amiss, begins her own investigation.

This is one of the best offerings from acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh. Julia Roberts, who received a record-breaking $20 million for her role, picked up a well-deserved Oscar as well as a Bafta.

The fact that it’s based on a true story is highly inspiring. Alas, Roberts forgot to thank the real Brockovich in her acceptance speech.

Starring: Julia Roberts, Albert Finney, David Brisbin, Dawn Didawick, Valente Rodriguez

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