Monday’s TV tips

The best of this evening's telly.

Monday’s TV tips

MUSIC: The Voice of Ireland (RTE One, 6.30pm)

The Fourth episode of this year's Voice of Ireland sees more contestants from around the country perform in the Blind Auditions for a place in the Battles.

DOCUMENTARY: Donal MacIntyre: Breaking Crime (TV3, 9pm)

In this brand new four part TV3 series Donal MacIntyre explores the world of youth crime-the causes, triggers, and the ripple effect on the wider community.

What drives young people to choose a bad path, and once the wheels are set in motion is it ever possible to return?

Donal meets the people at the heart of these issues-the young offenders, the reformed criminals, the families and communities, and the individuals making a difference.

Episode 4

In episode four of Breaking Crime Donal travels to Cork, a city with a tight community and a strong history of voluntary work that has ensured that so far it has held fast in the fight against crime.

But with a steady increase in heroin use how long can this continue?

DOCUMENTARY: The Undateables (Channel 4, 9pm)

[media=youtube[/media]It’s all well and good looking on those featured in this series go through the rigours of trying to find a mate – but what happens once the cameras stop rolling?Do their relationships continue and they live happily ever after?Here’s a chance to find out as Channel 4 dedicates an episode of this run revealing what has happened to some of the group.Among them is Daniel, who has autism. We saw him go on a date with Holly, but after they decided to be just good friends, he’s now stepping out with Sam and Charley in the hope of finding the girl of his dreams. Michael also has autism, and after breaking up with one girl, is looking for love elsewhere.Finally, Tourette’s sufferer Ruth has to wait an hour for her date, budding comedian Nathalie, to turn up – will she see the funny side of that predicament, or simply look elsewhere?

REALITY: The Notorious (RTE Two, 10pm)Following the critical acclaim and success of last year’s Reality Bites : The Notorious, Conor McGregor is back and this time he’s bringing the family. The brand new six part series follows McGregor and his meteoric rise, as he gets even closer to becoming UFC world champion.Over the course of six months, The Notorious will delve into the rapidly expanding world of mixed martial arts, and through Conor eyes, will explore the physical and mental strain a fighter has to go through to become an Ultimate Fighting Champion. From Dublin, to Rio, Las Vegas and finally Boston we see how both McGregor’s reputation and skills in the octagon are matched by a personality and charisma that has captured the imagination of fight fans worldwide. Love him or hate him, you can’t help but watch him.

If you like The Only Way is Essex or Made in Chelsea, and are fond of music, then this is the show for you.

Like the aforementioned programmes, it’s a structured reality series, but when somebody might ordinarily have a tantrum or an argument, here they will break out into song.

Those taking part are all aged between 18 and 25 and are based in South London. They’re also keen on breaking into the entertainment industry – so expect some very big characters indeed.

The first episode introduces us to choreographer Gilly, who’s hoping to get his street dance crew Trilogy back together – but receives a shock during the audition process.

Meanwhile, singer Nyomi and rapper Lady Lykez grow tired of being pursued by wannabe romeo Jayden, so one of them decides to take him down a peg or two in a unique style.

COMEDY: Catastrophe (Channel 4, 10pm)

First episodes of sitcoms rarely go down well with audiences – Fawlty Towers received an extraordinary amount of criticism when it first aired, and yet is now regarded as a classic.

So it’s unusual for one to hit the ground running – which is why Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney deserve plenty of plaudits after last week’s great opening edition.

It introduced us to the characters they’ve both created and play who are, funnily enough, called Sharon and Rob. Well, at least they won’t get confused.

This time around, pregnant Sharon is trying hard to get to grips with the idea of Rob living with her – and her brother Fergal isn’t exactly helping the situation.

Thankfully, an old school friend helps Rob devise a plan that should help the duo get their offbeat relationship up and running – or at least back on track.

FILM: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (Film4, 11.10pm)

(2009) The plot is simple enough: bold and charismatic werewolf slave Lucian incites his species to rebel against the vampires who enslaved them.

Together with his secret lover – the daughter of vampire king Viktor – Lucian raises an army worthy of taking on their bloodsucking oppressors, beginning a centuries-long conflict.

It’s arguably the weakest film of the three, and fans will miss Beckinsale, but it’s still a lot of fun, thanks in part to a nicely tongue-in-cheek turn from the always watchable Bill Nighy.

Starring: Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Rhona Mitra, Steven Mackintosh.

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