Father Ted the musical?

That's mad Ted.

Father Ted the musical?

Father Ted's co-creator Graham Linehan has revealed he would like to bring back the hit TV show but this time “with spinning cardinals”.

“I would never bring back the TV show, because of the risk you poison people’s memories of the original,” he said speaking to Radio Times.

“But if you were to come up with a completely new format, I think it would be worth doing. I have this vision of a dance number, with spinning cardinals.”

And maybe some dancing teapots and hang sandwiches? That’s mad Ted.

Graham insists that the live show would reference the child abuse scandals within the Catholic Church to give the show more of an edge.

“You just can’t ignore this stuff,” he said.

While fellow co-creator Arthur Mathews is “not as convinced” of the musical idea, Linehan still insists that “it could work.”

We are unsure about Graham’s new approach but if it’s anything like this how could we say no?

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