Tuesday’s TV tips

Check out our spoiler-free guide to the best of tonight's TV.

Tuesday’s TV tips

Cowboy Traders (TV3, 8pm)

They've targeted the bad builders - now it's time to round up the rest of the cowboys.

Dom and Melinda join forces yet again to clean up Britain, one rogue at a time.

This week, Dom and Melinda turn their attention to mobile homes.

COOKING: The Taste of Success (RTÉ One, 8.30pm)

Tonight on the Taste of Success only 16 candidates from the 4 regional heats remain. But half of them are about to be eliminated.

Contestants from North, South, East and West battle it out to win €100,000 and get their product on the shelves of every Lidl store in Ireland.

Catherine Fulvio, representing Leinster, Munster’s Martin Shanahan, Noel McMeel representing Connacht/Ulster and Dublin’s Domini Kemp will be mentoring their protégé’s tonight who are cooking Gluten Free Bread, Chicken Broth, Fish Cakes and Cheese Ball are just some of the products vying to get through.

Find out who will capture The Taste of Success.

FILM: Memphis Belle (ITV4, 9pm)

What’s It About? The crew of an American B-17 bomber prepare for their final flight – and look forward to returning home to a hero’s welcome once it’s all over.

However, it turns out their mission – to launch a daylight raid on a supply factory in a heavily defended German city – looks set to be the most hazardous they have ever undertaken.

Is It Any Good? David Puttnam’s sentimental, flag-waving drama is a convincing reminder of war films from an earlier era, with some particularly impressive sequences featuring long-preserved B-17 Sally B, and a solid cast. Scottish director Michael Caton Jones treats the fact-based story with due respect.

Anything Else? The Sally B, one of the two B17s which were used to portray the Belle in the film, is now the last airworthy B17 in the UK. She is based at Europe’s premier aviation museum at RAF Duxford. The real Memphis Belle has been restored and is now displayed in Tennessee.

Starring: Matthew Modine, Eric Stoltz, John Lithgow, Harry Connick Jr, Tate Donovan, Billy Zane

RottenTomatoes.com Rating: 79%

HISTORY: Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom (BBC2, 9pm)

After sampling what life would have been like for those living on Tudor, Victorian, Edwardian and wartime farms, historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold are about to immerse themselves in a completely different way of life – and thankfully for them, it doesn’t include mucking out animals.

Not that they’re going to be able to put their feet up – the trio are joining a 25-year project in Guedelon in the Burgundy region of France, where experts are attempting to build a medieval castle from scratch, using only the tools and materials available during the 13th century.

The first edition sees Tom and Peter set to work in a quarry, where they help masons dig stone, shape it and lift it into place on the towers via a wooden treadmill.

Ruth, meanwhile, is occupied equipping the wattle and daub hovel that will be their base with a rush floor and cooking pots.

COMEDY: Bad Robots (E4, 10pm)

“We interact with machines every day; we rely on them utterly, and trust them implicitly,” says Phil Clarke, Channel 4’s head of comedy.

“We’ve learnt to obey their instructions without question. So what happens when the machines go bad? This new prank show reveals that there is nothing more hilarious, and nothing more enduring, than the human spirit when confronted by a bad robot.” If you saw last week’s opening edition, you’ll know that Clarke is spot on with his assertion. But there’s also a lot of sympathy towards the people who are confronted by rebellious machines – we’ve all felt frustrated by technology at some point in our lives, so spare a thought for those losing their rag in this episode.

Impossibly unfair pub quiz machine Quizimodo is among the gadgets up to mischief here, ruining the dreams of a bunch of lads out for a pint after work.

DOCUMENTARY: Imagine – Anselm Kiefer (BBC1, 11.05pm)

Don’t get excited Lost Boys and 24 fans – Alan Yentob’s latest arts documentary isn’t about Kiefer Sutherland.

Nor is it about Warren Kiefer, the film director after whom he’s named.

Instead, it focuses on German artist Anselm Kiefer who, in 1969 when he was a 24-year-old student, photographed himself performing the infamous Nazi salute at a selection of destinations in Switzerland, France and Italy. The images then formed part of his degree show, which was entitled Occupations, and provoked more questions, anger and confusion among critics than anybody expected.

More than 40 years later, Kiefer’s work remains one of the most polarising yet memorable works to come out of post-war Germany – and is sure to stir up mixed emotions if it forms part of the Royal Academy’s forthcoming retrospective of his work.

Here, Yentob visits the artist in his studio to discuss his life.

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