Saturday’s TV tips

Check out our spoiler-free guide to what’s good to watch on the box tonight.

Saturday’s TV tips

TALENT SHOW: Strictly Come Dancing (BBC1, 6.20pm)

As head judge Len Goodman has pointed out in the past, usually when a celebrity has just flailed their way through the jive or struggled to make eye contact with their professional partner during an awkward rumba, different people suit different dances.

So, if last week the luck of the draw meant one of the stars got lumbered with a Latin or ballroom routine that didn’t play to their strengths, the good news is they’ve got another chance to get it right this weekend.

The bad news is that the marks from last week will still be carried over – and with the public vote opening at the end of the show, someone is going home tomorrow.

Pixie Lott, Jake Wood, Frankie Bridge, Gregg Wallace, Caroline Flack, Simon Webbe, Alison Hammond, Steve Backshall, Sunetra Sarker, Mark Wright, Jennifer Gibney, Scott Mills, Judy Murray, Thom Evans and Tim Wonnacott take to the floor in a bid to prove they don’t deserve the ignominy of being the first one to be booted out.

DRAMA: Doctor Who (BBC1, 8.30pm)

Some viewers may still be struggling with the concept of Doctor Who starting at 8.30pm.

However, at first glance, this week’s episode seems tailor-made for a later slot, as it sounds very creepy indeed.

It finds the Time Lord and Clara arriving on a run-down space shuttle bound for the moon, sometime in the near future.

He could still be in for a shock when he crash-lands on the lunar surface to be greeted by the sight of a mining base full of corpses.

If that wasn’t unsettling enough, there’s also the small matter of the vicious, spider-like creatures waiting in the dark.

DRAMA: Crimes of Passion (BBC4, 9pm)

It’s Christmas Eve (and the last in the series), so Puck can take a break from sleuthing and concentrate on lazing around in front of the TV while working her way through a Swedish selection box, right?

Sadly, no, as just as she’s settled down for a nice dinner at the vicarage with fellow guests Einar Bure and Professor Ekstedt, there’s a knock at the door from the beautiful Barbara Sandell who reveals her husband is missing.

He’s eventually discovered dead in his own country store, which leads to an influx of photographers, forensic experts and police descending on the vicarage.

The village’s gossips are also out in force, as the murder threatens to re-open some old wounds.

There may not be much peace and goodwill about, but can Puck get to the bottom of the mystery in time to still have a relatively happy new year?

MUSIC: Genesis Together and Apart (BBC2, 9.15pm)

This is a feature-length documentary charting the rise of one of Britain’s most successful rock and pop groups.

It bounces back from Genesis’s Helsinki Stadium gig in 2007 to their early days in 1963, when Peter Gabriel, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks met at Surrey’s Charterhouse Boarding School.

Their final studio album, Calling All Stations, was released in 1997, but fans live in hope that, as in this documentary, the band will eventually reunite on stage and remind them what they've been missing.

There’s some classic archive clips, and an insight into the sense of tension between certain band members.

DRAMA: Casualty (BBC1, 9.15pm)

Mark the date in your calendar – the staff at Holby ED have something to celebrate. It’s just a shame that their brief moment of triumph is about to be followed up with a terrible accident...

The trouble starts when Connie discovers the department has hit its targets and decides to take a few members of the team out for a celebration. What could possibly go wrong? Well, try the medics getting lost, and minibus driver Ethan taking his eye off the road, leading to a horrifying collision.

Connie manages to get to her phone, but can she stop a disaster turning into a tragedy?

Back at Holby, Jeff seems to be sorting his love life out as he moves his relationship with Tamzin on while making to clear to Dixie where she stands. Perhaps he can give some advice to Cal, who has to deal with two old flames turning up at the hospital.

FILM: When Harvey Met Bob (RTÉ2, 9.30pm)

When Harvey Met Bob is a feature-length drama co-produced by RTÉ and BBC telling the story of the extraordinary relationship between Bob Geldof (Domhnall Gleeson) and promoter Harvey Goldsmith (Bob Geldof), as they brought about the historic Live Aid event 25 years ago.

It is a film about two men who are prepared to think the unthinkable and achieve the seemingly impossible.

In October 1984 Bob Geldof arrived home to find his wife, Paula, watching the legendary BBC broadcast by Michael Buerk from the feeding camps in Eritrea province. Bob takes his eyes from the screen only once to see Paula holding their baby and weeping.

Deeply affected, Bob moves into action.

This is the start of the roller-coaster ride that is the humorous, warm, tension filled and ultimately deeply moving story of the relationship between the odd couple as they go from a mad-cap idea and a list of unconfirmed acts, to the biggest televised international charity event in history. Rating: N/A

FILM: Red Heat (ITV, 10.30pm)

A Russian detective travels to America to oversee the extradition of a Georgian drug baron responsible for supplying cocaine in Moscow.

He is teamed up with a hostile Chicago cop, but when their prisoner kills an officer and escapes, they put aside their mutual mistrust to bring him to justice.

It’s as formulaic as 1980s comedy action thrillers could be, with Walter Hill reworking the mis-matched cops magic of previous hit 48 Hrs.

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger is likeably convincing as a humourless, by-the-book Russian law enforcer, and James Belushi on good form as the grouchy American detective. Rating: 64%


“He’s brilliant – but a little weird” – ‘Re-Animator’ is classic 80s horror with a humorous twist.

Scientist Herbert West has discovered a fluid which brings living tissue back to life. After the death of his professor, West moves to a new university to continue his research. He involves a fellow student and the student's fiancée in his research by experimenting on their dead cat.

Dan, fascinated by West's research, agrees to smuggle him into the hospital morgue... Rating: 93%

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