Thursday’s TV tips

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Thursday’s TV tips

INTERIOR DESIGN: Your Home in Their Hands (BBC1, 8pm)

Changing Rooms, 60 Minute Makeover, DIY SOS – all of these time-worn shows prove that when it comes to renovations, homeowners are all too keen to throw open their doors and invite some perfect strangers to do what they will to their beloved living spaces.

But what if the ’experts’ were no better qualified than you? That’s the idea behind this new spin on the format: two pairs of amateur designers overhaul the homes of some willing guinea pigs, beginning as Yvonne and Dan Lavery enlist some budding Llewllyn-Bowens into helping them update their decor.

The couple are stuck in a time-warp after buying Yvonne’s parents’ home, but so far haven’t dared to make any substantial changes for fear of upsetting her folks. Now, though, they are hoping the so-called ’experts’ can help to rip off the plaster and create something a little bit more modern and exciting.

FACTUAL: Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC1, 9pm)

Fresh from terrifying contestants on his new horror-themed gameshow Release the Hounds, presenter and Radio 1 DJ Reggie Yates is the latest famous face to research his past for this long-running hit genealogy series.

Reggie knows his mother and father were both born in Ghana, however he never knew his grandparents, and is hoping to find out a little bit more about them - as well as some of the more distant branches of his family tree.

He’s curious about his surname, wondering whether it is in fact of Dutch origin - a distinct possibility, given the country’s history. However, the further he probes into his ancestry, the more surprises are thrown up along the way.

This is one of the more interesting episodes of an always enthralling documentary, and as always there are moments of joy, sadness and genuine shock as the myriad revelations are uncovered.

CRIME DRAMA: Chasing Shadows (UTV, 9pm)

The second two-parter draws to a close, signifying the end of this supremely tense and enthralling thriller series. And as sad as we are to see it go, we’re eager to find out the truth about Leonard Vance, so this episode couldn’t really come around quick enough.

Having spotted a link between the missing lawyer and the victims of Vance (let’s face it, if there’s one thing Sean loves it’s finding a link), Stone secures a confession from the imprisoned serial murderer.

However, when Vance’s statement fails to yield the intended results – such as a body – the brooding DS begins to suspect he’s innocent after all. Well, as far as the current case is concerned, at least.

Fans of Channel 4 comedy series Friday Night Dinner will have fun watching Paul Ritter in a markedly different role as the gaoled killer, but once again it’s Reece Shearsmith, Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke who steal the show.

HIDDEN CAMERA COMEDY: Bad Bridesmaid (ITV2, 9pm)

We’ve never cringed so much as we have since this new comedy reality show started a fortnight ago – it’s gloriously entertaining, but one rather wonders where they get their volunteers from.

This week, Lola is the game-for-a-laugh bride-to-be who’s attempting to convince her hen party that a diva by the name of London is actually a close friend of her intended’s, who joined in on the celebrations at the last minute.

In actual fact, she’s a plant, who’s intent on making the whole lead-up to the big day as big a catastrophe as possible. If she’s not rumbled, the happy couple will net an all expenses paid honeymoon of a lifetime – but with London’s behaviour becoming increasingly outlandish, will it be worth it?

They might end up with a cracking honeymoon but no friends to come back to at this rate.

DRAMA: Mad Men (RTE Two, 11pm)

Season 7, episode 1

It is January 1969. Don visits the West Coast to salvage his marriage to Megan, while secretly feeding Freddy copy for an Accutron pitch in order to impress Peggy, who is at odds with her new boss, Lou Avery.

Ken sends Joan in his place to meet with Wayne Barnes, Butler Footwear’s new head of marketing. Initially out of her league, she enlists the aid of a university professor for a quick course in marketing and convinces Barnes, temporarily, to not drop SC&P.

While Roger is exploring the counterculture, his daughter Margaret tells him she has forgiven him for any past wrongdoing towards her, her mother, and her son, as part of her newfound enlightenment.

Close My Eyes (Film4, 1.15am)

(1991) Brother and sister Richard and Natalie, who were brought up separately after their parents’ divorced, are reunited in adulthood, and end up embarking on an affair.

Just to add to their guilt, Natalie is married, but when she tries to end their incestuous affair, Richard refuses to let go...

This film from writer and director Stephen Poliakoff proved controversial, although some viewers may object less to the incest than some of the heavy handed ’state of the nation’ symbolism.

However, it’s still a stylish, powerful movie, and while Clive Owen and Saskia Reeves bring plenty of passion to their roles as the lovers, it’s arguably Alan Rickman’s turn as the cuckolded husband that provides the heart of the film.

Starring: Clive Owen, Saskia Reeves, Alan Rickman, Karl Johnson, Lesley Sharp, Kate Gartside

NEW ON NETFLIX: The Human Race

Eighty strangers from all walks of life are ripped out of their daily lives and forced to participate in a brutal race to the death.

The rules are simple; follow the arrows or you will die, step on the grass and you will die, get lapped twice and you will die.

Only one participant will survive. Race or die. There can only be one winner, but who will survive and for what purpose? Rating:42%

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