Introducing 'so famous' voice coach, model, magician - Miranda Sings

But who is she?
Introducing 'so famous' voice coach, model, magician - Miranda Sings

Noticed hundreds of screaming tweens dressed in red tracksuit pants, buttoned up shirts and over-the-top red lipstick walking around Dublin over the last few days?

Well we have the explanation … they're paying tribute to Youtube sensation Miranda Sings.

Colleen Ballinger brought her Youtube alter ego Miranda to real life over the weekend in a jam-packed Vicar Street.

Cue the screaming, crying, hugging, tweeting and loud pitched noises - kinda like this lot.

But who is Miranda Sings? Well let us fill you in!

You might remember a viral video from 2009 named “free voice lesson” which had people scratching their heads wondering whether this was serious or not. Either way, she had us in side splitting stitches.

That was Colleen's first foray into Miranda's world - but she didn't let us into the joke until sometime later. She followed that with a host of Miranda videos and it slowly dawned on people that this was comedy gold.

However this girl can really sing as she showed in a Miranda-Collen duet.

Colleen has since taken the character of Miranda and made her a YouTube star, with more than two million followers.

Miranda is now known for her ‘pritty’ red lipstick, her comically off-key song covers and her own style of twerking.

The star has now taken the character of Miranda to the stage in her hilarious 2014 “Selp Helf” tour where she instructs her ‘Mirfandas’ (mostly, young musical theatre fans) on how to get a boyfriend and battle the haters and generally be more Miranda-like.

Topics included:

1. How not to be porn

2. How to get a boyfriend

3. Deal with haters

Each segment is packed with multiple musical numbers and comical banter relying heavily on audience participation. She improvises and creates punchlines on the spot - genuinely hilarious and original content which sends her ‘Mirfandas’ into overdrive.

Colleen is so convincing in the role you forget that there is a normal personal behind those red lips both on stage and in her Youtube videos.

Confused? We thought so, but you just HAVE to see all this for yourself. We recommend you jump right in and check out her YouTube channel with such hit videos as her cover of Nicki Minaj’s Starship has received more than six million views.

Other hilarious and hit videos include challenges and tutorials with other famous youtubers Zoella, Tyler Oakley and Alfie Deyes, all reaching over a million views.

Irish fans meet her at Dublin Airport when she touched down for last weekends gigs, during one of which she reduced a 'Mirfanda' to tears of joy by calling him up to the stage.

Oh, did we mention her bestie is Ariana Grande?!

*Cue even more screaming, crying, hugging, tweeting and loud pitched noises*

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