33 reasons why she is …. Beyonce

Happy Birthday Queen B!
33 reasons why she is …. Beyonce

Today is none other than Queen B, Beyonce Knowles's 33rd Birthday.

She’s a mother, a wife, a feminist, a power player, a designer, a dancer, an inspiration, an icon, a queen and at this point in her career, there seems to be little Beyoncé hasn’t done.

So in honour of her 33rd birthday today we are going to give you 33 reasons why Beyonce …. is simply Beyonce.

1: Those crazy vocals. NO. WORDS.

2: They way she loves her fans. So sweet

3: That hair flip.

4: Blue Ivy - enough said.

5: She can bust those moves.

6: Her funny side.

7: She has been singing since she was 8 - that’s 25 years!

8: Through all the controvestory she stands by her family.

9: She does things like this ….

10: And this …

11: As well as of course this …

12: Oh that style.

13: This performance - that is all.

14: She is one half of Hollywood’s real power couple.

15: She took time to take a stroll through Phoenix Park - as you do.

16: Her pregnancy announcement.

17: She is the ultimate triple threat.

18: She has shown us that everyone has a little Sasha Fierce within them.

19: She doesn’t forget to give back … #Beygood.

20: That Super Bowl show. WOW! *On Repeat* *On Repeat*

21: She stands up for the ladies. “Who runs the world?”

22: Two words: Destiny's Child

23: Her inspirational quotes.

24: She defines DIVA.

25: She’s bessie mates with Oprah.

26: And the Obamas.

27: Just 'Listen'.

28: Her surprise album.

29: That strut.

30: Without her we wouldn't have videos such as this:

31: And this …

32: Her no make-up selfies.

33: Finally … her Tumblr - your one stop shop for everything that is - Beyonce.

And with that we give you this ….


Happy Birthday Beyonce!

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