Band want Bowie to tour again

David Bowie's band want to go on tour.

Band want Bowie to tour again

David Bowie's band want to go on tour.

The reclusive singer released a new single, 'Where Are We Now?', earlier this week and guitarist Earl Slick - who worked on his comeback album 'The Next Day' along with Gail Ann Dorsey, Tony Visconti, Sterling Campbell, Zachary Alford, Gerry Leonard and David Torn in secret - would jump at the chance to go on the road.

However, he has no idea what the 'Life On Mars' singer plans to do and admits it could be a last minute decision.

Asked about the possibility of a tour, he said: "We don't know. Obviously, we want him to. But right now, that's a big if. Like I said before, sometimes he shows up and sometimes he doesn't.

"I could get a phone call tomorrow saying, 'Hey, you know what? Here's the setlist'. I don't know. I can't speak for him or the organisation.

"Obviously, the band would love to go out. Even if it's not a huge tour, we would like to go out and do some gigs. But that's yet to be seen."

The musician admits it was tough keeping the recording sessions under wraps for such a long time.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, he said: "It's kind of fun to think you're making a record and nobody knows about it. It's like you're on a spy mission or something.

"It was fun for a little while, but then when I started doing interviews - and after I got all excited after I finished doing the tracks and I was bursting - it wasn't fun anymore.

"One day I went out to have a cigarette in front of the studio, and something felt weird. Cause I would hang out in the doorway, in a little alcove; I didn't even walk into the street. And something felt weird, and I peered across the street, and there was a guy there with a camera on a tripod. So I put my cigarette out and went back inside. Because if they see me, they can put two and two together."

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