Gallagher: Kids are my best friends

Noel Gallagher's children are his "best friends".

Noel Gallagher's children are his "best friends".

The 'If I Had a Gun...' hitmaker - who has daughter Anais, 12, with ex-spouse Meg Matthews and sons Donovan, five, and 23-month-old Sonny with his wife Sara MacDonald - wishes his kids didn't have to grow up and find pals of their own, because they are so close.

He said: "When I'm at home, Sara will sometimes take the kids up to Scotland to see her folks and for about 12 hours, it's like living the dream. After that, a switch goes in your head, 'Oh I'm bored now, I want the kids here,' because as daft and as mad as they are, they're my best friends, all of them, and I do miss them when they go away.'

"It's my lad's first day at primary school and it was like, 'Aww that's it now, he's going to have his mates. He'll come home and say he wants to support Tottenham and I'll have to throw him in the canal. He's going to have his mates and these are going to be peers he'll have the rest of his life.' It's mental that stage.

"I just want them to stay like this forever. But they've got to grow up and be whatever they're going to be."

Despite his closeness to his kids, 'Married with Children' singer Noel insists he isn't an over-protective dad because he doesn't want them to grow up to be "brats".

The former Oasis guitarist told Q magazine: "My kids have got to work themselves around my life, not the other way. That's how kids become brats, if you're there staring at them all the time going, 'Are you alright?'

"Dad's a rock star, know what I mean? He could be a f***ing square like all your mates' dads."

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