Watch: Toddler's 'Enda Kenny' story takes a dramatic twist

Last month we featured the absolutely hilarious story about Enda Kenny lending money to a two-year-old.

Watch: Toddler's 'Enda Kenny' story takes a dramatic twist

Told by CCCahoots' Finn, the little comedian became an internet star following his revealing of the bizarre sequence of events that involved the Taoiseach lending him €20 and how that money ended up in a charity dog at a chipper.

Well, now the story has taken another twist.

Finn bumped into the Fine Gael leader recently and Enda asked for the cash back.

Poor auld Finn has had to go back to the charity dog and smash it open to pay back his lender.

Not cool, Enda, not cool at all.

We await the Taoiseach's response on this money lending scandal that is sure to hurt his approval ratings at creches around the country.

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