Top 50 Irish people you need to follow on Snapchat

It's without a shadow of a doubt that 2015 was the year of Snapchat.
Top 50 Irish people you need to follow on Snapchat

And now some Irish people are making a full career out of Snapchatting and they’re being stopped on the streets for selfies – it's become the new fast-track to fame.

So we've listed the top 50 people to follow (not in any particular order by the way)... get Snapping folks!

1. James Patrice

( jamespatrice)

The one, the only James Patrice!

We feel like we shouldn't even have to explain who James is or what he does. From scaring the absolute crap out of his poor mother Fron on a Daily basis to ROTTING over meals and his mates, he's the best person if you want a good laugh.

James is the Fashion Editor at MFI Magazine so he’s at the best style events and you’re guaranteed to catch him miming hilariously to favourite tunes on a weekly basis.

2. Marissa Carter

( cartermarissa)

Cocoa Brown Tan owner Marissa Carter is definitely one of the most popular ladies on Snapchat in Ireland.

The business guru Snaps everything from how to Tantour, showing off her latest products and going through her beauty regime.

The busy mum-of-two also takes followers through her cooking regime (we love the Disney pancakes especially).

She often opens her Snaps up for Q&A’s too – so get following!

3. James Kavanagh

( jameskava)

Get ready to present yoself…

If you don’t know who James Kavanagh is then you don’t deserve to be on Snapchat. Every day James lights up my life with his hilarious seflies, showing off his stunning apartment (and his candelabras).

Can we also just take a moment to ogle over the amazing Veronica Sachs – Kavanagh’s female alter ego.

But one of the main reasons we tune is to watch James scare the crap out of his lovely boyfriend William ( willspjmurray)…I’m surprised he hasn’t collapsed with pure fear at this stage.

4. Suzanne Jackson


Ireland’s top blogger and now one of the leading Snapchatters, the Dublin beauty queen is definitely a must follow.

From showing off her favourite products to behind-the-scenes at her So Sue Me workshop, Suzanne has a massive following.

Just this week she even Snapchatted her own engagement in the Maldives.

5. Roz Purcell

( rozannapurcell)

All hail top model and fashion designer Roz Purcell.

Quickly becoming known for her cooking skills and focus on fitness and nutrition, we just can’t get enough of her stylish snaps.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously either (e.g showing off her constantly twitching eye).

6. Vogue Williams

( voguewilliams)

Vogue’s Snapchat is gas – just like her.

From behind the scenes videos and photos of her RTE shows and her sexy fashion shoots, Vogue takes her followers all around the world.

When she’s at home she loves to Snap her dog Winston…and we’re in love with that little guy.

7. Rosanna Davison

( rosiedavison5)

Rosie is another must-follow for Irish celebs.

From attending stunning VIP events to showing off her cooking skills, Rosanna Davison gives access all areas to her followers.

She’s constantly sharing snaps with her hubby Wes, plus her two pooches pop in quite a bit.

8. Anouska

( anouskapb)

Another top blogger and huge Snapchatter is Anouska.

She is known for her stunning images on her blog and she pulls it off on Snapchat too.

Anouska also takes followers through her normal day-to-day life from hitting the gym to flying off on her next adventure.

9. Madeline Mulqueen

( madelinemul)

Limerick model and fiance to Transformers actor Jack Reynor, Madeline is living the life.

From modelling shoots and pilates classes in Ireland to jetting around the world with her hubby-to-be, there’s always something interesting on her Snap story.

Recently she used her Snapchat to show the charity work she was doing over in Zambia.

10. Holly Carpenter

( hollcarpenter)

Dublin model Holly Carpenter is definitely the one to follow at the moment.

From dancing around in unicorn onesies, to BTS of stunning photo shoots, she made headlines when she showed the world what girls REALLY meant when they snapped guys with different poses.

The former Miss Ireland just started dating Coronas front man Danny O’Reilly, so we got a backstage look at his gig…we’re hoping for more of that please!

11. Des Bishop

( desbuffer)

Irish-American comedian Des Bishop has just recently joined Snapchat but he’s already killing it.

Des has been snapping live during his comedy gigs, take selfies of the crowds as he travels the country.

He also loves snaps with his female fans…

12. Georgia Penna

( georgiapenna)

We already just love looking at Georgia Salpa (now Penna) anyway, so of course we’re going to follow her on Snapchat.

From date nights with her hubby Joe to playing with her two pooches in Marbella, Georgia really is living the life.

She recently became a mum to two twin boys, and although she said she won’t be showing them off on social media, we’ll still be following for the OOTDs.


( snap all the biggest Irish stories of the day and bring their followers to all of the red carpet events they attend as well.

14. Joanne Larby

( themakeupfairy)

Known as The Makeup Fairy, Joanne Larby has a huge following on Snapchat now.

The new author has been busy on her book tour and has been Snapping everything from her outfits to signing books.

She’s always got the best beauty products too on there.

15. Storm and Ronan Keating

( ronanstorm)

Yes these two actually have a JOINT Snapchat account, and we can’t get enough.

Probably the most loved up celebrity couple we’ve ever met, their snaps are filled with just as much love and joy.

From popping into their favourite eateries to Snapping their romantic trips (most recently to Paris) they love sharing their life together, and we love watching!

16. Laura Whitmore

( thelwhitmore)

We follow Laura on all social media – so when she joined Snapchat we rejoiced!

She joined just before she headed off to the I’m A Celeb jungle, so we got a behind-the-scenes look into the Australian celebrity hotspot.

From funny videos to showing off her gorgeous new man Rory Williams, she’s a great one to follow.

17. Pippa O’Connor

( pippa.oconnor)

Pippa was one of the original Irish celebs to join Snapchat – so she has a massive following.

From showing off her Pippa palette to her OOTDs, you just can’t stop watching Pippa’s Snap story.

Now that she’s expecting her second child you can expect more parenting snaps too.

18. Chloe Boucher

( chloebouch)

Youtuber and makeup artist Chloe Bouch is new on the scene and already has a massive following.

She has created some stunning looks this year, and she’s great for doing how-to videos.

If you want to learn how to create the perfect makeup look then you need to get following.

19. Rosemary MacCabe

( rosemarymaccabe)

Always saying it as it is, Stellar magazine’s Deputy Editor Rosemary MacCabe has been big on Snapchat since the beginning.

From going through her new fitness routine to getting real about daily life in Ireland, she’ll have you giggling through her Snap story.

We also love her dog…

20. Rosie Connolly

( rosieconnxxx)

Another blogger and makeup artist, Rosie was the first blogger to be signed on

21. Love Lauren

( laurenarthurs)

Another blogger to add to our long list is Lauren Arthurs aka Love Lauren.

The Cork native has a huge following thanks to her fashion blog and her Snapchat is getting big too.

Lauren is constantly unpacking gifts she’s been sent and she shows off the latest fashion trends.

22. Rob Kenny

( robkenny)

Once you follow James Kavanagh you’ll automatically be following Rob Kenny too.

He often appears in James’ videos and photos but his own Snapchat is brilliant too.

He’s a seriously stylish guy and he loves a night on the town with all our favourite Snapchatters.

With a new fashion column to his name Rob is definitely getting a bigger following now.

23. Aoife Walsh

( aoiferosaleen)

Top model Aoife Walsh has an extremely busy Snapchat.

From shooting fashion campaigns to taking to the catwalk, to travelling we’ve seen it all.

The red head was just in New York and posted loads of envious Snaps and was in Vienna right before that (prepare yourself for considerable jealousy when watching her snaps).

24. Daniella Moyles

( daniellamoyles)

Daniella is conquering the world of presenting at the moment – and takes us behind the scenes of SPIN 103.8 on her breakfast show Fully Charged.

She’s also a seasoned explorer and has been bringing us all over the world with her Snaps.

Daniella’s just gas craic in general and recently put up this snap from the Fully Charged Jingle Ball.

25. Faces by Grace

( facesbygrace23)

Another extremely popular blogger and all-around lovely gal is Grace Mongey.

The makeup artist has gained a huge following this year and now her Snapchat is blowing up too.

She Snaps mainly about all things beauty, fashion, nutrition and also mental health.

26. Louise O’Reilly

( stylemecurvy)

An international plus-size model, Louise has a great account to follow.

Louise is another jet-setter so if you’ve got a travel bug you need to watch her story.

She also attends the best fashion events and always has a photo shoot going on.

27. Darren Kennedy

( darrenken)

Presenter, Stylist and Fashion Designer Darren Kennedy only has his Snapchat open a few months but we love it.

Based in London Darren is always at the best fashion events, and often hangs with Laura Whitmore.

And when he’s home Darren Snaps the best of Dublin – whether he’s working out in the gym or walking down Grafton Street.

28. Erika Fox

( retroflame1)

She’s one of Ireland’s biggest bloggers and her Snapchat is off the charts.

The Galway fashionista lives in New York so if you’re in love with the city that never sleeps this account is for you.

While walking through the most famous streets in the world Erika shares her life through photos of her cute outfits, drinks with the girls and her latest beauty buys.

29. Laura Cunningham

( cunninghamlaura)

Editor of Confetti magazine and owner of Hippenings, Laura Cunningham is huge on Snapchat.

Nothing is off limits with Laura from chatting about her business to her beauty regime to dealing with haters.

She’s a super positive person all-round so her story is always great to watch.

30. Holly Shortall

( hollywooddublin)

Everyone just loves Holly Shortall.

The infamous illustrator rose to fame thanks to Kim Kardashian plugging her drawing, and now she’s big on the social scene.

Holly is often spotted out with the other big Snapchatters and has become hugely involved in the blogger scene recently, helping out with the Irish Bloggers Association.

31. Kate Kelly

( katekelly1)

She’s best known for her role in Marketing and PR for top beauty company Cocoa Brown Tan, but Kate Kelly is really coming up as a blogger too.

From working with Snapchat Queen Marissa Carter to writing her blog Pure Irish Sugar, Kate’s Snapchat has gained a huge following.

From the latest beauty products to showing off her favourite fashion buys, the red head has loads in her Snap story.

32. Karen Constantine

( lovelygirlybits)

Yet another popular blogger on our ultimate Snpachat list is Karen Constantine aka Lovely Girlie Bits.

Her blog is a huge hit and her Snapchat is massive now too.

Similar to Rosemary MacCabe she chats about everything in life and she’s just gas.

33. Thalia Heffernan

( thaliaheffernan)

She’s Ireland’s next huge model so you have to start following Thalia.

The stunner just signed a contract with Elite London so she’s definitely one to watch.

From heading out to the best parties, showing off her latest fashion shoots and cuddling her bunny, her story is a dream…

34. Ellen Kavanagh

( waxpertsellen)

Owner of Waxperts Ellen Kavanagh has a huge following on Snapchat.

She takes us through her day-to-day in her business as well as life in general

She’s apart of the original Snapchat gang and we love watching her story.

35. Yvonne Connolly

( yvonne-connolly)

Yvonne Connolly is definitely the coolest mom on Snapchat.

The model mum, cook and columnist takes us into her family life – which includes a lot of yummy cooking.

From hanging out with her pal Cecelia Ahern to showing off her stylish outfits, we love this account!

36. Rebecca O’Byrne

( hautesofabulous)

We’re a huge fan of her blog and her Snapchat is to die for.

From shooting her latest look to travelling to paradise locations, Rebecca O’Byrne always makes everything look so beautiful.

From bringing us through her day to sharing shoot locations, we love it all.

37. Claire Cullen

( realclisare)

One of Ireland’s most famous Youtubers, Claire Cullen is absolutely gas on Snapchat.

If you love her videos you need to get on to this account asap.

From cracking jokes to bringing us through her day-to-day life, she’s brilliant to watch!

38. Killian O’Sullivan

( actuallykillian)

Former Fair City star and all-round nice guy Killian O’Sullivan is great to follow.

He has his own video production company so he goes the extra mile to make his videos stand out.

He seems to be travelling to a new country each week, and has taken us to Dubai and Barcelona recently!

Killian also does a cool segment called Kooking With Kill.

39. Laura Mullett

( lauramullet23)

Up and coming stylist Laura Mullet made a huge splash on the red carpet this year when she styled Amanda Byram at the IFTAs.

She’s perfect to follow on Snapchat, because not only does she bring us lots of BTS photos and videos, she also shows off her own style too.

Laura’s also just a pure sweetheart…

40. Nicola Hughes

( nicolamhughes)

Nicola Hughes has gained huge profile this year, after joining the Made In Chelsea crew.

The Dublin model has been dating reality star Alex Mytton for over a year now, and you can expect to see him in most of her Snaps.

She’s also Snap happy around her other co-stars so keep your eyes peeled.

41. Tara O’Farrell

( tara_makeup)

Makeup artist supremo Tara O’Farrell is a must follow.

She works with some of the biggest names in the industry and has been called in to work on huge A-listers, including Sex and The City star Kim Cattrall.

She’s often with fellow Snapchatter Pippa O’Connor too.

42. Paddy Smyth

( paddyysmyth)

If you follow James Kavanagh or Rob Kenny you’ll already know Paddy.

Become a Snapchat star very quickly now, Paddy is known for his key phrase Disabled Life.

Just a few weeks ago he even Snapchatted getting his nails painted with the letters ‘DISABLED LIFE’ on his nails (we love it).

43. Louise McSharry

( shouisemclarry)

She’s new to Snapchat but 2FM presenter Louise McSharry is already killing it.

From snapping inside 2FM to bringing us on her travels, Louise’s sense of humour is bang on.

She’s starting to get a big following now so get on there!

44. Leanne Woodful

( leannewodfull)

One of Ireland’s original bloggers, Leanne is a big hit on Snapchat.

From Snapping through her latest tattoo design and her cool outfits, she loves having the chats and we love listening.

If you follow her blog you’ll know she has a unique style, and it comes across in her Snaps too.

45. Deric O’Hartigan

( greektitz)

TV3 weather man Deric O’Hartigan has always had a massive fan base, and they’re all following him on Snapchat now.

From gym selfies to stylish Snaps, Deric has it all.

He also attends some of the biggest showbiz events of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for other celebs featuring in his Snap story.

46. AJ Fitzimons

( ajfitzsimons)

AJ’s blog AJ Makeup is already a huge hit and she’s quickly grown on Snapchat too.

From bringing us through her day-to-day life to trying out the latest in all things beauty, her Snap Story is always fully packed.

Whether it’s a new product or a unpacking the latest clothes she’s bought, it’s the perfect girlie account.

47. Brendan Courtney

( brendanfrockadv)

Presenter, fashion designer and all round fabulous man Brendan Courtney is a must follow.

From travelling across the world for fashion and business meetings, Brendan also Snaps through his daily life.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously so he’s great fun to watch.

48. Lisa Jordan

( jordanblog)

Another makeup artist on our list is Lisa Jordan aka Just Jordan.

The Cork native works for MAC but doesn’t just Snap about the world of beauty.

She’s also got a killer sense of style and Snaps all her outfits.

49. Courtney Smith

( cocosmithstyle)

Top stylist Courtney Smith shows everything from editorial shoots from working on Xpose.

Courtney works with the biggest names in the industry and goes to New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week each year.

She has killer BTS shots and brings us on her travels too.

50. Angela Scanlon

( angelascanlon)

Presenter and stylist Angela Scanlon jumped on the Snapchat band wagon recently and we love it.

From snapping her day-to-day life to partying with the likes of Caroline Flack, Angela is certainly living the life.

She also knows how to put a seriously cool outfit together so watch out for those OOTDs.


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