VIDEO: Watch the Foo Fighters 'rickroll' the Westboro Baptist Church

When the Westboro Baptist Church picketed a concert of the Foo Fighters, they really should have expected it to go badly - especially after what happened last time.

VIDEO: Watch the Foo Fighters 'rickroll' the Westboro Baptist Church

The church decided to picket the Foo Fighters in Kansas City, in retaliation for being publicly mocked by the band on the last occasion they did so.

"Mr Dave pandering-to-the-massesrebel-against-God Grohl and his minions saw a chance to flip off God AND climb upon the backs of Westboro Baptist Church to pimp their bad selves," they said in the announcement.

But this is Dave Grohl, who wouldn’t let a broken leg stop him playing a gig. Much like his medical treatment, he won’t take that lying down.

In a monologue between songs at the gig later that day, Dave Grohl took the time to address their protest and why the band felt the need to roll out.

"Sometimes you can’t just sit there and do nothing," he said. "you’ve got to go out and say what you want to say. So we did!"

"We were sitting backstage and someone said: guess who’s coming tonight? .... let’s go out and hang out with them for a bit!"

Grohl said the band didn’t have much time to plan their appearance, but "there’s nothing like a little Rick Astley in your life", and dedicated the song to "everyone who stands up for what they believe in."

He also made reference to a more elaborate counter-protest the band previously made in 2011, when last the WBC picketed their concert.

That occasion saw the band arrive in full costume on a truck bedecked with the stars and stripes to perform "Keep it Clean".

The stunt is almost as good as Dave Grohl’s infamous on-stage rant against the Church, which went viral earlier this year, which is definitely worth a watch.

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