The real value of that €15 POP! Vinyl

You’ve probably seen them everywhere from Easons and Gamestop to comic book stores but if you’re still wondering what they are, POP! Vinyl figures are the latest in collectable items.

The real value of that €15 POP! Vinyl

Series among the Funko Company line include The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, WWE and every Marvel hero and villain imaginable.

While the figures and bobbleheads have been in our midst for a few weeks, they've actually been around since 2012.

Three years is just enough time to create some really rare and valuable collectables.

Lets take a look at some!

Clown Dumbo

Disney's favourite elephant can go for about $600 in his clown gear, produced in 2013.

Gold Loki

This Marvel villain can clock up $650 if sold wearing his golden helmet from 2012.

Shadow Trooper

The force will bring in $650 for this Star Wars figure, sold in 2011.

Metallic Purple Haze

The metallic version of Jimi Hendrix can bring in a massive $750.

Black-Suited Batgirl

The metallic black-suited figure is valued at $900.

Blue Retro Metallic Batman

The 2010 metallic blue retro version of one of our oldest heroes in the comic book world will wrangle in $900 at auction.

Glow in the Dark Boo Berry

This glow in the dark rare figure from 2011 can make its owner a swift $950!

Golden Dumbo

This Disney character has many faces and the golden one of 2013 is certainly worth its weight, bringing in $750-$1,000!

Glow in the Dark Green Lantern

Another glow in the dark figure, this one actually from 2010, is worth $1,100!

And the big finale, the Clockwork Orange POP!

According to POP! creator Matt Norris this figure was cancelled because the license for them fell through.

There were 12 regular figures and 12 glow in the dark figures made but they were never sold publicly.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti simply gave them out to loyal collectors.

These are rarely parted with by their owners but in the past year one of these 24 figures did sell for $2,600!

Most of these figures are San Diego Comic Con exclusives and weren't sold in stores elsewhere but worry not, you may just find a gem on eBay or Amazon being sold by someone none the wiser."

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