10 things Germans will notice while visiting Ireland

As a German visiting Ireland I have noticed some huge differences between the two countries.

10 things Germans will notice while visiting Ireland

1. Greeting people.

"Hi, how're ya?" is the most common sentence if you see someone you know.

And without a chance to reply, the person is gone.

2. Driving.

In Germany there is a certain amount of concern for fellow motorists.

Not so much in Ireland where people seem to merge without looking or indicating.

3. Roads.

Throughout my many visits to this lovely country and it's beautiful green fields I did find it difficult to get to some places.

Bumpy, narrow roads that seem to lead into nowhere making the trip a lot more interesting.

Interesting because you will have to face the difficulty of passing a truck, tractor or random cows wandering on the most narrow road you can find.

4. "Sorry".

Slightly touched someones arm? Sorry. Almost ran into someone? Sorry. Standing in the way? Sorry. You hear it everywhere.

5. "Thank you"

If you don't thank your busdriver when exiting the bus you will be concidered an unthankful and rude person. Always say thank you to everyone.

6. Going Out.

Especially when you just started college and there's a lot of drinking going on.

It seems more like a mating ritual than clubbing compared to a German night out.

7. Going to the Pub.

Although there are Irish pubs in Germany it's totally different. It's the Irishness that makes it special, well for us at least.

You will find yourself talking to complete strangers and you won't mind (you wouldn't be doing that in Germany).

8. Talking to Customers.

It's rude if you don't do small talk with customers and they wouldn't come back if you weren't talking to them.

You would probably be labeled crazy if you start talking about your mother in a printing office in Germany.

9. "Bye, byebye, bye. Byebye."

Obvious right?

Just hang up already.

10. Irishness.

Irish people are very open and welcoming.

While Germans are mostly reserved and comparably unfriendly, you will find Irish citizens mostly in a good humour.

Keep up the good work.

Maeve is staying in Ireland for work experience. This was her first time writing an article and hopes to do more.

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