See the kittens dressed in socks to stop them suckling each other

Yes, these are in fact kittens in baby socks. But call up the RSPCA and they’ll politely put the phone down.

Why? Because it was the charity’s own creative genius.

George and Elton were found abandoned in a shed in West London at the beginning of August, a few weeks old and barely alive.

Now the brothers are living at the home of RSPCA nurse Katrina Devita. They tried living at the Putney Animal Hospital but that turned out to be a bit too stressful.

A kitten dressed in a baby sock.

So why the sock-couture?

“Unfortunately these two naughty boys have a habit of suckling each other in their sleep and making themselves sore,” said Sian Anderson, a clinical manager at the Putney hospital, adding that the nurse designed them to help them kick the habit.

“They are made from babies socks as they really are that small. As you can see they are very happy and not affected by them.”

A kitten dressed in a baby sock.

This year, the RSPCA have taken in more than 3,000 abandoned, neglected or sick cats, 14 per cent more than last year. A large proportion of these are kittens, coming into their care after being abandoned by their previous owners.

The situation has become so desperate that many RSPCA centres are fit to bursting point, with many cats being looked after in costly private boarding as a result.

A kitten dressed in a baby sock, along with a dog.

The charity hopes that people who want to become owners in the future will look to adopt a kitten rather than buying one.

In about a month, George and Elton will be ready to move into a new home together (*queue heart palpitations*) so if you want to be considered, you better start browsing socks.

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