Monday's TV highlights: Strange case of the serial killer who never was

A racially-charged drama and the strange case of the serial killer who never was.
Monday's TV highlights: Strange case of the serial killer who never was
Thomas Quick.


BBC One, 8.30pm 

Jimmy McGovern has created a fictionalised drama around the unprovoked killing of black teenager Anthony Walker in Liverpool in 2005.

Once Upon A Time In Iraq 

BBC Two, 9pm 

American reporter Dexter Filkins and Australian photographer Ashley Gilbertson tell of their time embedded with US Marines during the battle for Fallujah in 2004. 

Local insurgents had been a thorn in the side of the US/UK forces since the invasion, and the fighting in the decisive battle claimed over 2,000 lives, including about 800 civilians. 

As well as tales from the journalists, we also hear what it was like for local woman Nidhal Abed, whose two-year-old son lost his leg in an American missile strike.

The Confessions of Thomas Quick 

Channel 4, 10pm 

Documentary on the Swedish man who confessed to more than 30 murders, and was convicted for eight of them. 

However, in 2008, he withdrew all of his confessions, and the lack of corroborating evidence, combined with his unreliable accounts, meant the convictions were quashed. 

He is now a free man, and in this film explains how he made the confessions to gain attention at a time he was extremely lonely.

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