Scene & Heard: the culture quiz for all ages

What's Fred Flintstone's wife's name? Who was lead singer of the Boomtown Rats? ... and plenty more to test your knowledge
Scene & Heard: the culture quiz for all ages

New to the Scene

1. Complete this film title: The Wizard of _?

2. Name the little green-haired creatures who work in Willy Wonka's factory?

3. Who is the good wizard in The Lord of the Rings?

4. In which month is the Late Late Toy Show on TV?

5. What kind of creature is Scrappy-doo?

6. Which film had the hit song 'Let it Go'?

7. Who is Luke Skywalker's father?

8. Who is the dapper gent in the pic above?

ANSWERS: 1. Oz; 2. Oompa Loompas; 3. Gandalf; 4. December; 5. Dog; 6. Frozen; 7. Darth Vader; 8. Harry Styles.


1. Electric Picnic recently announced its cancellation. In which county is it usually held?

2. Which actor from Whitnail and I was praising Normal People this week?

3. Florian Schneider passed away recently, which electronic band was he part of?

4. Which Hollywood star popped up on a Dublin radio station to talk about his time locked down in the capital?

5. Name the hit musical stage show by Lin-Manuel Miranda that Disney+ announced it will show in July?

6. Jerry Stiller – dad of Ben Stiller - also passed away. In which show did he play Frank Costanza?

7. Will, Simon, Jay and Neill were he main characters in which UK comedy?

8. Which Irish actress is in the picture above?

ANSWERS: 1. Laois; 2. Richard E Grant; 3. Kraftwerk; 4. Matt Damon; 5. Hamilton; 6. Seinfeld; 7. The Inbetweeners; 8. Ruth Negga.

Mature Recollection

1. Name the offshoot of The Riordans TV series that starred Gabriel Byrne?

2. Members of the Brennan family are at the heart of which Donegal group?

3. What's Fred Flintstone's wife's name?

4. Who were Ian Dury's backing band?

5. Complete the name of this group: Maxi, Dick and _?

6. Which classic film features the song 'As Time Goes By'?

7. Who was lead singer of the Boomtown Rats?

8. Who is the Irish television legend pictured above?

ANSWERS: 1. Bracken; 2. Clannad; 3. Wilma; 4. The Blockheads; 5. Twink; 6. Casablanca; 7. Bob Geldof; 8. Anne Doyle.

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