Scene and Heard: A fiendishly fun family entertainment quiz

The Scene & Heard arts and entertainment quiz has questions for all the family
Scene and Heard: A fiendishly fun family entertainment quiz

The Scene & Heard arts and entertainment quiz has questions for all the family

NOTE: Eight questions per round, answers at the bottom of each. No peeking, unless you're the quizmaster.

New to the scene

1. Elmo is a character in which American TV show?

(a) Quality Street

(b) Sesame Street

(c) Easy Street

2. Name the restaurant where Spongebob works?

(a) Crusty Crab

(b) Crispy Cod

(c) Crunchy Carp

3. In the Harry Potter books, what's Hermione's surname?

(a) Weasley

(b) Malfoy

(c) Grainger

4. In Roald Dahl's book, which huge fruit did James travel in?

(a) Orange

(b) Peach

(c) Pear

In Irish legend, what type of fish did Fionn mac Cumhaill eat to gain great knowledge?

(a) Trout

(b) Mackerel

(c) Salmon

6. Niall Horan was a member of which boyband?

(a) Westlife

(b) One Direction

(c) Take That

7. In the Lion King, name the cub who grows up to be king?

(a) Mufasa

(b) Nala

(c) Simba

8. Who is this?

(a) Beyonce

(b) Rihanna

(c) Selena Gomez

See answers at the bottom

Current Affairs

Among the recent casaulties of the virus was which soul singer who had hits with 'Lean On Me' and 'Lovely Day'?

(a) Rufus George

(b) Wilson Pickett

(c) Bill Withers

2. The West Cork Music and Literary festivals were both cancelled this week. In which town are they based?

(a) Bandon

(b) Bantry

(c) Skibbereen

3. Tiger King on Netflix is one of the hit shows of the moment. What's the name of the main character?

(a) Joe Erotic

(b) Joe Smoove

(c) Joe Exotic

4. The Mandalorian is a TV series that's related to which film franchise?

(a) Star Wars

(b) Star Trek

(c) X-Men

5. Larry David plays a version of himself in which TV show?

(a) Friends

(b) Curb Your Enthusiasm

(c) Seinfeld

6. Syd Little's former comedy partner died from coronavirus recently. What was his name?

(a) Fast Eddie

(b) Eddie Large

(c) Eddie Brickell

Future Nostalgia is the album by which artist currently riding high in the charts?

(a) Lewis Capaldi

(b) Billie Eilish

(c) Dua Lipa

8. Who is this?

(a) Taylor Schilling

(b) Laura Linney

(c)Toni Collette

See answers at the bottom

Mature Recollection

1. Gina and Dale Haze were backed by which group?

(a) The Chessmen

(b) The Champions

(c) The Cheeseboards

2. What brand of guitar is Rory Gallagher associated with?

(a) Gibson

(b) Fender

(c) Rickenbacker

3. The writer Michael O'Donovan is better known by which name?

(a) Seán O'Faoláin

(b) Lennox Robinson

(c) Frank O'Connor

4. Which Irish actor played Scarecrow in the film, Batman Begins?

(a) Cillian Murphy

(b) Colin Farrell

(c) Liam Neeson

5. Who was the mother of actress Isabella Rossellini?

(a) Ingrid Bergman

(b) Audrey Hepburn

(c) Greta Garbo

Which actor played the title role in the Dirty Harry films?

(a) Charles Bronson

(b) James Caan

(c) Clint Eastwood

Who presented the TV quiz show Quicksilver?

(a)Bunny Carr

(b) Mike Murphy

(c) Donncha Ó Dúlaing

8. Who is this?

(a) Sorcha Cusack

(b) Niamh Cusack

(c) Sinead Cusack


ANSWERS - New to the scene: 1. (b) Sesame Street; 2. (a) Crusty Crab; 3. (c) Granger; 4. (b) Peach; 5. (c) Salmon; 6. (b) One Direction; 7. (c) Simba; 8. (a) Beyonce.

ANSWERS - Current Affairs: 1. (c) Bill Withers; 2. (b) Bantry; 3. (c) Joe Exotic; 4. (a) Star Wars; 5. (b) Curb Your Enthusiasm; 6. (b)Eddie Large; 7. (c) Dua Lipa; 8. (b) Laura Linney

ANSWERS - Mature Recollections: 1. (b) Champions; 2. (b) Fender; 3. (c) Frank O'Connor; 4. (a) Cillian Murphy; 5. (a) Ingrid Bergmann; 6. (c) Clint Eastwood; 7. (a) Bunny Carr; 8. (c) Sinead Cusack

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