The Skin Nerd on 2020 trends: Inclusivity, tech, and sustainability

In 2020, skincare is getting woke, apps will enter our lives and we're bound to see more for men too.

The Skin Nerd on 2020 trends: Inclusivity, tech, and sustainability

In 2020, skincare is getting woke, apps will enter our lives and we're bound to see more for men too.

The exciting part of a new year is product development… Or is that just me?

This year, I’ve had to keep my finger on what’s coming up, the “hot or not” list of the beauty world, and as we enter 2020, it’s time for me to make my predictions.

Customisation saw an uptick in 2019, with the launch of technology like the Neutrogena Mask iD app which figures out your concerns and 3D prints a sheet mask for you, and tonnes of other personalised preparations the world over.

The issue is that we didn’t see a tonne of this “micro personalisation” on our side of the pond.

I feel that 2020 is the year that we’ll reap the rewards of the US and other countries having had these systems for a year or two and we’re going to see hyper-customisable cosmetics pop up in department stores and pharmacies.

I’d say salons, clinics, and spas too, but they’ve been fine-tuning individualised facial treatments for decades — they’re the real inspiration for this trend.

Everything is becoming moreconscious: Our diets, our wardrobes, and our lifestyles in general. 2020 will be when the tide begins to truly turn with regard to skincare and beauty. In 2019, great strides weremade — just a few weeks ago, Avon announced they’d be ending animal testing globally.

Deciem made a point of considered shopping during Black Friday and we’re lucky on our fine island to have brands like Nunaia and Voya who prioritise sustainable ingredients sourcing.

Expect to see a lot more recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, andrefillable packaging and an emphasis on sustainable sourcing.

I’ve mentioned beauty tech as a trend every single year for the last three years and it’s still worth amention because we’re going to see more and it’s going to be even cooler.

The focus with tech now ispredominantly on delivery methods: Devices that work to help ingredients get deeper into your skin moreefficiently, like microneedling patches. Some of the biggest brands in beauty, including Shiseido and Foreo, have introduced connectedtechnology that works with mobile apps to give users a better insight into their skin and their skincare routine. I think we’re going to see thisconnectivity at lower price points soon too.

However you feel about beauty for men as a separate category, it’s undeniable that men are finally being targeted by beauty brands. Case in point, the launch of War Paint, a makeup range created for men, which went viral earlier in 2019 because of its quite classically masculine advertising.

Honestly, I’m delighted — Skingredients and Cleanse Off Mitt are explicitly for “all hoomans” as stated on the packaging, I adore Darren Kennedy’s Kennedy & Co range and there is a growing community of Irish male beauty bloggers creating phenomenal content. I’m excited to see what is in store for gender neutral beauty and men’s beauty in 2020.

Honourable mentions of trends that I think we’ll see more of include brow lamination, the treatment where your brows are permed upwards for fluffiness that hit our Instagram feeds this year, the further rise of non-invasive skincare treatments like Caci and other technology-based firming treatments, and more clean beauty brands, as well as greater inclusivity in the industry on a whole — dubbed the “Post-Fenty society” after Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty.


We’re finishing out the year with a classic. The Yon-Ka Gel Nettoyant is a gentle cleanser from Yon-Ka Paris with nourishing oils, soothing algae extract, and calming essential oils.

Personally, I tend to use this in the shower when my skin would be dehydrated or irritated, and I love that it doesn’t strip or annoy the skin’s uppermost layers.

It’s suitable for all skins, excluding skins that don’t take to essential oils too kindly!

For teenage skin, it cleanses without leaving it super dehydrated so it’s perfect for use alongside medicated or salicylic acid products.

Yon-Ka Gel Nettoyant Cleansing Gel (€31 available from selected salons and spas nationwide.

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