First-class kids tell us what they want for Christmas.....

There have been some very naughty elves on the shelves this Christmas, the first-class pupils of Scoil Ursula in Blackrock tell Susan O’Shea, and Santa is going to have a very full sleigh, packed full of gadgets, princesses, and even a pug

First-class kids tell us what they want for Christmas.....

There have been some very naughty elves on the shelves this Christmas, the first-class pupils of Scoil Ursula in Blackrock tell Susan O’Shea, and Santa is going to have a very full sleigh, packed full of gadgets, princesses, and even a pug

Patrick O’Reilly, age seven-and-a-half

I want a BMX bike, last year I got a BMX but it got a puncture in the wheel. If I get a BMX I can cycle to school, I will wear a helmet on my head. I am the second fastest runner in my class and I went to the city sports, my dad is a very good runner too.

I want a pug, because they are so cute. I have four dogs, two bullstaffs, Nidge and Ben, but now they are gone to live on a farm, and two chihuahuas, called Sandy and Sam. I like dogs. I have two sisters and three brothers, my dad minds us all.

I am the last in the family, my dad says I’m the best of the six. Last year I woke up my dad by jumping on the bed, he didn’t mind, I did a bellyflop on him to wake him up, and then we had a snowball fight.

Daniel Liggett, age 7

I have an elf and he invited about 50 elves to my house, and they put up balloons, disco lights, strings and had a big party. They trashed the place. I found one elf in the bin. I want a Playstation and a tablet and new clothes and new shoes.

I am going to get up at eight o’clock, is that a good time? And I am having ribs, and chicken and turkey for my dinner, all together on the one plate. I love ribs, sticky ones with loads of sauce, they are my favourite.

Leyla Candur, age 7

I haven’t made a list yet, I think I will make it when I go home today. I think I want a big giant teddy, and a Samsung (phone). I am definitely on Santa’s good list, I have been good all year. I will call the teddy ‘Frosty’.

I don’t know what I will have for Christmas dinner, I can’t remember what I had last year, maybe chicken.

I am going to get up in the dark and hide behind the Christmas tree, and if I hear Santa I will run upstairs and pretend I am asleep.

Last year I jumped on Santa’s back, he didn’t mind. My mum is having a baby, it’s a boy, he’s coming after Christmas, and I am going to help with the baby.

Once my elf hid under my pillow and when I was asleep, he stuck a lollipop in my mouth.

Ferdinand Kokou Vigan, age 7

I am the fastest in the class, I love running. I won in the city sports. I am getting new shoes for running, I don’t care what type, once they make me go faster, a tablet, a phone, and a nintendo switch. I put it all in the letter, I will post it at Christmas. I’m not worried, Santa will bring it all, he has lots of room in his sleigh. I like turkey, and chicken, and vegetables all together, and I will eat it all.

Killian Clinton, age 7

My elf is very bold, he pushed a whole bag of sugar over my head, and some of it got in my tooth, and then my tooth fell out. He is very naughty.

I want an Indoraptor, that’s a type of dinosaur that sounds like a gun that has a laser on it that makes a sound when it moves, it’s not scary, not really. I already wrote my letter and posted it last week. I just want the Indoraptor, and a surprise. I will get up as soon as it is morning.

I have three brothers and one sister. I normally eat pudding and other stuff on Christmas Day, and I like opening presents.

Theo Macanovic, age six-and-a-half

It’s hard to explain because I have a lot of stuff on my list, when I wrote them all down I ran out of space and I had to put them on the back.

Top of my list is a puppy, a real-lfe puppy. I am hoping for a dalmatian. I don’t think Santa will mind bringing him in the sleigh.

I want a dalmatian because when they grow up they get so big. I also want an Ipad because mine is broken, and two nerf guns. I don’t know if Santa can bring all the stuff I have on my list, There’s loads more. I haven’t posted my letter yet. I am going to get up at one o clock, and kick my presents. I like to open them like that cause the wrapping paper falls off real easy. But if I see the present move I won’t kick it, cause I will know it’s the puppy inside and he can bust through the wrapping paper..

Zara O’Brien, age 7

I am getting a skateboard, I love skateboards. I have a good elf, he doesn’t cause any trouble, he’s not bad at all. I would like a book, Goldilocks, that’s my favourite story.

I am going to get up in the middle of the night. If you wake up and Santa comes he doesn’t mind. He says hello. I am having turkey for dinner, just turkey, and lots of selection boxes.

Daniel Vitkauskas, aged seven-and-a-half

I’m getting a Qbot, it’s really cool, it’s a robot with a controller that spins and talks. I wrote a letter, I don’t have a chimney to put it up, so I will put it in the post. I am on the ‘Green’ list which is the good list. You are on the red list, because you are wearing a red coat, so you won’t get any presents. Were you very bold this year? Red is the bold list.

I have six elves at home, they are all really good, they are really fast, I heard them running up and down the Christmas tree.

My wish is for Jesus to come back to life, he is missing from our life.

Omar Mahmond, age 6

I want everything Fortnite, I love Fortnite, my favourite thing is the dancing. I also like Venom, he was in Spiederman, he killed someone in it.

I would also like some books, especially a book named Venom. Spiderman movies are good. I am having turkey for my dinner, turkey is my favourite food. I am going to tell Santa my address so he knows where to find me.

My special wish is that my grandpa comes back to life, he died and now I only have one grandpa. I really loved him, I lived with him every day.

Jan Hrycan, age seven-and-a-half

I really, really want a skateboard. I put that in my letter and I posted it already. I also want a hot wheel car track. I also want a Stikbot, that’s a stop-go animation set. I am very good on a skateboard, I can balance for 10 minutes. Last year I got a Snowman Lego set, I am a big Lego fan, and I love Minecraft.

Hopefully I am on Santa’s good list, I think I am, yep, I definitely am. I am going to wake up at 3 o’clock, my mum and dad don’t mind.

Amelia Carrol Pittaway, age 7

My special wish is that if people don’t have a home, I can invite them to my house. I would have room for them all. I would give them sandwiches to eat.

I want some princesses for Christmas… maybe four… and I would give them all a different name.

I am going to get up at six o’clock on Christmas morning, when it is still a little bit dark. I will have cereal for breakfast, and for dinner turkey, that’s my favourite. I don’t like roast potatoes.

Madison O’Sullivan, age 7

I want a bike, and Harry Potter Books. I haven’t read the books, but they are very good movies. I have a good elf at home, he doesn’t get up to mischief. I haven’t written my letter yet, I will do it soon, maybe tomorrow.

I am having turkey and chicken on Christmas day, on the same plate, I like them both, especially chicken.

It will be still dark when I get up. The thing I love the most about Christmas is it was the day that Jesus was born. That’s why I love it so much.

My wish is that everybody who is poor would have a house, there are lots of people in the world who don’t have a house, that’s sad.

Saathvik Ulithaya, age 7

I am getting a bow and arrow, that’s all. Actually, I also want a holder that I can put on my back and that will hold all my arrows. I want to practice so that I can be ready to shoot real arrows, some people in the world are bad, they are killers, so if I shoot an arrow the killers will be dead.

I want to be a hero, not a superhero because their powers are not real, a hero, just like Robin Hood.

Kosovare Kelani , age 6

I would like a iPad. I had an iPad but I dropped it when my mum called me, and my sister stood on it by accident, and it broke. I really miss it, cause I used to play a game called Dress Up. I wrote a letter but I don’t know if I will get one because iPads are very expensive.

I put a mug on my list with Barbie dolls on it, so I may get that. I have three sisters, I don’t know what they are getting, I didn’t read their lists.

I have an elf at home, her name is Diane, she is a good elf, but she did spill sugar all over my internet. I am planning on getting up in the middle of the night, I’m not scared of seeing Santa, he won’t mind.

Sophia Harrington, age 7

I am getting a scooter, an electric scooter, a pink one. I also want a phone, I can ring my auntie on it, she lives in Mahon. I have five elves, and they are all bad, they are all girls and they are all bad. They do bad stuff, like they cook toast and they burn it, and the kitchen really smells, and they pour water on themselves and I have to dry them off. I am going to get up in the middle of the night to get my presents, I don’t mind the dark, and I am going to listen for Santa but if I hear him I will pretend I am asleep.

Katie Quinlan, age 8

My special wish for Christmas is that all the people in hospital can get out, hospital isn’t nice, I’ve never been to hospital.

I want a Lego Friends Cruise Ship, I am a big Lego fan, I love it because you can build whatever you want. I also want a tablet and a fairy book. I have a good elf, he doesn’t cause trouble. I don’t know what to have for Christmas dinner, normally I have roast potatoes.

Gloria Adewole, age 6

I want two dolls, one for me and one for my sister, Grace. I don’t mind what kind of doll, last year I got a doll too. I haven’t written my letter yet, I am going to write it tomorrow.

I am planning to get up at 4 o’clock, just me on my own, not the rest of my family. I will have my breakfast and then play with my toys. I am going to eat biscuits for breakfast.My favourite thing for Christmas dinner is spaghetti bolognese

Our thanks to teacher Meabh Barry, principal Linda Keane, and the staff and children of Scoil Ursula, Blackrock, Cork

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