Online Lives: Kerryman Aidan O'Carroll

Kerryman Aidan O’Carroll blogs to promote his website design abilities.

Online Lives: Kerryman Aidan O'Carroll

Kerryman Aidan O’Carroll blogs to promote his website design abilities.

“I blog as much as possible to bring traffic to our site and gain a wider reach online to further the Avalanche brand,” he said. “It is also a satisfying way of talking about issues that are close to my heart and hearing other opinions on the matter to grow and improve.”

He focuses on real-world experiences in his blog rather than ‘boring’ business-related articles. “The typical method for bloggers in our scene is to talk about ‘How GDPR affects your website’, etc, but I found I was bored writing these articles so I realised pretty quickly nobody would want to read them.

Given the demographic of the people who follow us, it made much more sense to post about real-world items that are affecting me/my generation

"The main draw of our blog though is our posts about what it is like being a Millennial in Ireland, hacking, being a young person starting a business and how technology/content is impacting us.”

Aidan uses social media daily but finds pressure to be online constantly to be unsustainable.

“It has usurped traditional methods of contact between friends, so it is no surprise they are the most used apps by most people. In terms of business, we try to create content that is going to get engagement while at the same time showcases what we are all about, whether that is blog posts or imagery through Instagram. With Instagram/Snapchat now being semi-live with stories, there is almost a pressure to upload daily which is unsustainable.”

But Aidan credits social media for helping his brand to grow when it was first established.

I can confidently say if it weren’t for social media, my business would not have grown to the level that it has

"In 2012, Facebook was where we primarily advertised as we did not have the budget for any traditional marketing, it allowed us to build an online personality for Avalanche which has filtered through to the rest of our social media platforms. Our blog and social media are intrinsically linked, and one could not grow without the other being active.”

Aidan says he most enjoys the ‘social’ side of social media. “Having a discussion with people is my favourite aspect of blogging, sometimes people will challenge your opinion and I really enjoy the back and forth.

“It sounds obvious but it is the purity of “social” media that is my favourite part. It all helps to grow our brand and I get to meet some very talented people.”

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