Mindful drinking and multifunctional menswear: Experts pick the trends to watch in 2019

From ‘swackets’ to seaweed, art to armcuffs, Esther N McCarthy asks the experts to tap into the trends we should watch out for in 2019.

Mindful drinking and multifunctional menswear: Experts pick the trends to watch in 2019

From ‘swackets’ to seaweed, art to armcuffs, Esther N McCarthy asks the experts to tap into the trends we should watch out for in 2019.

Chef Andy McFadden: ‘2019 will be all about zero waste’.

Food waste/zero waste

My motto in the kitchen has always been “nothing goes in the bin”.

There will always be some form of food waste — skins from vegetables, scallop shells, egg shells, used coffee grounds etc — but we try to minimise it where possible.

These could also be used for compost which you could then use to grow your own fruit and vegetables, which is something we will be looking at for next year at Glovers Alley.

We also only use whole animals in Glovers Alley, so we have to use every part of that animal for something.

At the moment we have whole sika deer, Comeragh mountain lamb, suckling pig, pigeon, and various game including pheasant, partridge, and hare.

It’s amazing for the young chef on the meat section who has to butcher-cook these animals every day.

Andy McFadden
Andy McFadden

More pickling and fermentation

There’s already a huge interest in pickling and fermentation over the past few years, with different brands of Kombucha on the market, kimchi, pickles, tempeh, kefir, etc.

I think the main idea and focus will be to consume less processed foods in general.

Vegetables and vegetable proteins

We will incorporate more plant-based foods into our diet, such as wholegrains, sprouts, and seeds, including for health reasons.

Vegetables will also become more prominent on restaurant menus.

Nose-to-tail eating

The philosophy of using the whole animal will also be applied to fish and vegetables, which also makes the food become more interesting and furthermore comes back to the food waste point.


More people will be eating seaweed. It has some very diverse flavours, from the almost spicy, peppery dulse to the nutty wakame. It’s also very abundant and readily available.

Raw food

Raw foods will see a continued growth in popularity as the lack of cooking helps preserve nutrients.

Food provenance, healthy convenience food, no more plastic, better labelling

More people are becoming more aware of where food comes from. We will see more healthy and delicious- tasting convenience food rather than stodgy


The war on single-use plastic will gain even more traction. We will see greater transparency around food labelling.

Dublin-born chef Andy McFadden trained alongside some of the most respected chefs in the world, including Shane Osborn, Sergio Herman, and Ireland’s own Neven Maguire.After graduating top of his class in Culinary Arts from Tallaght Institute of Technology, Andy moved to London, where he spent six years working in a number of high-end restaurants. At one point, Andy was the youngest chef in London to hold a Michelin star.Andy opened Glovers Alley restaurant at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Dublin, in February 2018, and he has gone on to win Best Chef in Ireland and Best Chef in Dublin at the 2018 Food & Wine Awards, for his signature modern French cooking.www.gloversalley.ie

Natasha Rocca Devine: ‘Get ready to stage and style’

Natasha Rocca Devine. Photo: Anthony Woods
Natasha Rocca Devine. Photo: Anthony Woods

I believe home styling and staging will be a key trend in 2019. Akin to that of personal stylists, people are becoming practical in their spending, particularly in their home or office spaces, as there are various options to save costs.

A staging or styling specialist is key to making the best choices, short and long-term.

Art is the core essence to this style of design. As a staging specialist, each project space I see as a new ‘gallery’ to curate.

So, my choices are fundamental to the sale of the home for the agents and clients I work with for my business. Particularly where there are large homes, or over various floors, the art and sculpture can connect everything together.

Statement art

Select one piece of art, ideally from an artist of your choice, or one recommended, to create a statement in key rooms in your home, office or commercial space.

Library wall art

Place a variety of art on a feature wall using different artists, frames, and styles. Like flowers, hang them in threes or uneven numbers. Ideal for halls, stairs, or feature walls. Also perfect for art collectors or those with limited spaces.

Subdivide and conquer

Use art to subdivide a space. Ideal for open plan offices or within larger homes. Choosing different styles of art, placed with different furniture, can create a variety of moods within one space without adding walls or panels.

Bookshelf art

On a large open-facing bookshelf, invest in beautiful books (eg by ROADS) along with your personal collection.

Combined with some sculptures or small paintings framed on a stand, they can create a wonderful gallery and functional effect, for homes or offices alike.

Art and light

Combine beautiful art and a similar style of pendant or lamp (eg modern or vintage) on a feature wall or space in your home or office.

This can be a very effective tool to highlight your art, lighting and/or a specific space.

I used art from a project for RTÉ’s Find Me A Home , where the art assisted in the 10% increase of the sale price.

I chose a charcoal piece of art by Gay O’Neill from The Open Window Gallery, Rathmines, combined with a bespoke table from DUA Studio (architects) along with Harvey Norman, Ikea, Kitchenrespray.com and vintage pieces to transform the space.

Natasha Rocca Devine: The Interiors NRD specialises in staging for the real estate market. See: theinteriorsnrd.com.

Carl D'Alton: ‘Mindful drinking is going to come to the fore for customers’

Carl D'Alton
Carl D'Alton

Mind how you go

People have become much more conscious of what we eat and where our food comes from and I see this crossing over into our drinking habits.

I think the concept of “mindful drinking” will be a big trend this year. That is, not just having any G&T, but picking one based on where and how it was made. Is it local? Does the distillery have a sustainability ethos?

Positive buzz

Another example of mindful drinking is a project I worked on when taking part in this year’s World Class Global Finals.

We were tasked to not only come up with a cocktail, but also to create a community project around it.

Mine was an initiative called “BeePositive” which involved distributing wildflower seed bombs every time a cocktail was sold to help create wildflower havens for our declining bee population. Mindful drinking is drinking with a positive purpose!

Gin and bear it

Regarding spirits, gin will still be king this year. As a nation, our palates are becoming more discerning. We know what we like and Irish gin seems to be it!

Ice, ice baby

One tip for people throwing parties at home this year would be this — stock up on ice! It’s the most important ingredient in your drink.

Also don’t be afraid to experiment and blur the lines between cooking and mixing a drink.

Try making your own syrups with your favourite flavours and then combine them with your favourite spirit.

Irish, naturally

At Cask, we pride ourselves on producing four award-winning menus every year and we’re not going to stop!

We let mother nature dictate our ingredients, which is a wonderful way for us to learn to forage and also meet some amazing people who know so much about our island’s offerings — so this year, expect even more natural Irish cocktails.

Carl D’Alton is the World Class Irish Bartender of the Year 2018 and cocktail master at the multi-award-winning Cask bar on Cork’s MacCurtain Street. He is a core member of the bar team that have a strict ethos of basing their cocktails around the wild ingredients that grow locally, and have built a reputation for producing the most creative and innovative drinks menus in Ireland.www.caskcork.com

Esther McCarthy: ‘Be prepared to go crazy for coral’

Coral Eames style dining armchair
Coral Eames style dining armchair

The OK Coral

Brace yourselves: The Pantone colour of the year for 2019 is Living Coral 16-1546. So get ready for all things aquatic to swim into your colour schemes.

Just peachy

Think soft and warm, peachy coral intertwined with summer days, sunsets and tropical reefs.

You are going to see this seep into everything from the throw on your sofa to the lipstick on in your make up bag.

From neon pops in accessories like bags and earrings to neckties for the boys and goldfish lamps for the bedrooms.

In the shops now

New Look have a coral pleated midi skirt, Next Ireland are stocking kids coral fleecy jackets,River Island have a cute coral bikini and Debenhams are carrying coral chunky platforms by Faith.

Pictured above are Eames style dining armchairs by Danetti.

The last word

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says: “Colour is an equalizing lens through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral.

"With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral hit a responsive chord.”

Esther N McCarthy compiles the Wishlist pages of the Irish Examiner Property and Interiors magazine

Louis Copeland: ‘Functional travel coats will be key’

Louis Copeland Jnr
Louis Copeland Jnr

Casualisation in the workplace

Men wearing “classic suits” on a daily basis are predominantly dying out and their suits are now more for client meetings and events.

We are helping men from all backgrounds make that change while still looking smart and feeling comfortable.

Multifunctional pieces

The modern man needs to buy “pieces” for his wardrobe that are multi-functional.

A good example of this is the swacket (sweater & jacket). You can pair this with jeans and chinos which makes it extremely versatile.

Denim or die

Every man needs a well-tailored pair of jeans. Throwaway denim always seem like a clever purchase but they always lack a professional fit and don’t last.

Tailored jeans like Jacob Cohens will last you for years and consistently feel great. Also, keep an eye out for our new Richard J Brown jeans coming next season.

Knit news

Fine knitwear is key to completing a look and can be used stylishly in both winter and summer. Make sure to get extra fine wool in summer.

Have coat, will travel

Another key trend is functional travel coats and bags.

Manufacturers are using knowledge from the sportswear industry and applying it to coats for the travelling businessman.

A great example of this is UBR coats, started by the former chief designer from Helly Hansen. These coats have a 4-way stretch, they’re super light, fully waterproof and fully breathable.

Louis Copeland & Sons are synonymous with men’s clothing and have been in business since 1933, Louis Copeland recently launched Made of Irish – a new website showcasing the best of Irish design and craft. madeofirish.com

Mairead de Bláca: ‘Layering, armcuffs, and feathers’

Mairead de Bláca
Mairead de Bláca

A wave of brooches, piles of layering and a cornucopia of arm cuffs — here are the jewellery trends I spotted on the New York, London, Milan, and Paris Spring/Summer 2019 runways, that we all will be wearing in no time.

Arm cuffs

Overshadowed in recent seasons by statement earrings, bracelets are back for 2019.

You can stack the arm above and below the elbow or wear them as carefully chosen arty cuffs — and you’ll get extra style points come next season if you wear them over sweaters.

Broach brooches

Apparently the 80s are back, or nostalgia for them is! With that nostalgia the brooch has re-emerged.

Lots of extra-large over-the-top brooches were spotted on the catwalks, but some lovely polite brooches are there for the less dramatic of us, who don’t wish to go back to the 80s.

Piles of layering

Lots of layering of necklaces, ideal for any jewellery-lover. Large long necklaces are being mixed with shorter, lighter pieces.

Mixing and matching of different styles will also be a hit, giving a vintage allure.

Dig deep into your wardrobe in 2019 and find your classic pieces to complete your vintage look.

Feathers in many colours

Feathers in lots of vibrant colours are back. We saw this western wind look on the 2018 catwalks and it appears this trend is going nowhere.

Feathers aplenty aligned with a vibe of independent style and a look of tribal, these are fun, light to wear, and will be perfect for a night on the tiles in 2019.

Mairead de Bláca is an Irish award-winning jewellery designer from Mallow, Co Cork.Mairead’s jewellery is sold in more than 20 countries and she was shortlisted in the Bank of Ireland Start Up Awards in 2017, where she was awarded the national bronze prize, along with winning the Women’s Network Rising Star from the Dublin City Local Enterprise Office.

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