We asked these Fermoy kids about their Santa lists - and here's how we got on

"Last year I heard Santa fall down the chimney, he landed on his butt. I saw him, and I heard him, because I was peeking"

We asked these Fermoy kids about their Santa lists - and here's how we got on

Stretchy scooby-doos and hovercrafts that help you fly are just some of what the Junior Infants at Gaelscoil de hIde Fermoy want this Christmas. Susan O’Shea found out what else is on their list, what the big man can expect when he comes down the chimney, and how there are some very early starts planned…..

Vanessa de Róiste (age 4)

I am getting slime for Christmas, but I won’t make a big mess.. And I am getting LOL dolls, they have sparkly hair, and clothes, and they get shoes and a bottle and accessories. I wrote my list but I haven’t posted it. I am going to put it up the chimney. I am going to leave out cookies, milk, and carrots for the reindeers. My favourite thing is opening all my presents. The last time Santa gave me presents they had Elsa wrapping paper. I like Frozen, my sister does too, but not my brother. He likes his xbox. I am going to bed early …. at one o clock in the morning. We have big stockings and we hang them on the door in our rooms. Santa fills them. I want chocolate in my stocking, and books. Frozen is my favourite book.

Reindeers land on the roof, not on the ground, Santa can’t jump that high. He is 100 years old. He’d roll down on top of the reindeers and kill himself

Séamus Breatnach (age 4)

I’d like a toy petrol station because my mam has a garage. I don’t want to work in garage, I want to work on a farm, my daddy works on a farm. I help my daddy, we milk the cows, we spray them in the milking parlour to keep them clean, we spread slurry in the fields. I’d like a New Holland loader with a digger on it and a dumper trailer on it. He will bring it all in his bag, he won’t leave it outside, he will walk in the door and leave it in the house. I want sweets in my stocking, I will hang it on the fireguard. I haven’t posted my letter yet, that’s on Monday. I will go to bed at 6 and get up the first, at 1 o’clock. I am going to leave him yoghurt and chocolate milk. Last year I left him a whole chicken and he ate it all and he left the bones and presents.

Conchúr Mac Gearailt (age 5)

I hear Santa every year. I can hear the bells and the gold coming off the magic star. I rás down sios an staighre. He stays there til Christmas morning but he goes away in the early morning. Before I come down the stairs he goes straight up the chimney. I am getting Robo Chameleons. I have a brother. He is getting nothing because he can’t make up his mind yet. He’s two. For dinner I am having turkey and spuds, and a christmas cracker. My favourite thing is jumping into the front room and I kick my presents open cause I am so excited. The ones that people give me, my nannies and grandad, they are wrapped, and they go under the tree. On Christmas Eve I have one programme and I go straight to bed. And we always look out the door just in case Daidi na Nollaig is coming. The North Pole is actually far from here, it’s past Australia.

Tomás Mac Giolla Mheana (age 5)

I want a King Kong, that’s a gorilla, and some farm stuff. I want a forage harvester, it’s a machine that cuts up maize, and picks up the grass and does lots of other farm stuff. I want to be a farmer. I can’t remember what I got last year. Oh, now I remember, i got a forage harvester then too. They are very big, so santa magics them down to get them down the chimney, then he magics them back up again back to the big size. I am going to leave out

a slice of pie, chocolate chip cookies and carrots for the reindeer. I am getting my list ready, there’s lots on it, so I can narrow it down. For Christmas dinner I am having ham, not turkey, maybe vegetables. I am going to get up at one o’clock in the morning, or maybe 3 o’clock. Santa can’t land on the ground he has to land on the roof, he can’t jump that high

Cormac O Leathlobhair (age 4)

I’m getting a bike with stabilisers. I don’t mind what colour. He will just click his fingers and the bike will come down the chimney. I also want lego. I like lego. Any kind of lego. I got cars last year. I am going to write a letter but I don’t know when. Soon. I don’t know what I’m having for dinner. I don’t have a stocking but I’d like a surprise. I got a tractor last year but It wasn’t really cool.

Seamie O'Muireasain with Megan Breatnach. Pic: Larry Cummins
Seamie O'Muireasain with Megan Breatnach. Pic: Larry Cummins

Tomás de Londra (age 5)

I’m getting a new farm shed. I want to be a farmer. Last year I got a hoverboard. I also want a Bruder fast-track, a track with a long thing behind it. They are big. I think Santa will just come in the door with it. We’d have to get someone to clean the chimney. I will go to bed at 7, and get up at 6. I wrote my letter but my mum wants me to write a new one. For Christmas dinner I’m having chicken, potatoes, and carrots, I don’t like turkey.

Séamie O Muireasáin (age 5)

I am getting two dinosaur things from my mum and dad. Everyone I know is going to give me a present, well maybe not everyone, almost everyone. I am going to get up at six o’clock, wait is that late? I will get up at one o’clock. Do you know what was outside my door last year? Crazy sand. I have written my letter and it’s sent but I don’t know if it has gone to Santa yet, because it might be still in the post. I’ve been very good, super good. My favourite thing is opening my presents and trying out different dinners. I also got a ginormous bat cave last Christmas. It was inside my house covered in wrapping paper. It took ages to build. It’s basically up to my roof, it’s in my bedroom, right beside my bed. I didn’t build it. I just waited for my dad to start building it, cause my dad is a builder so he doesn’t really need help.

I have a big chimney but my cousins have a small chimney and they still get presents

Conchúr O Néill (age 5)

I’m getting King Kong, and a power-charge bumble bee. Bumble bee is a transformer, and I think there’s a movie of the transformers. I have a stocking, one for my brother and one for me. I hang it in the hall. I don’t mind what I get it, whatever Santy puts in it. I will leave out a carrot for the reindeer, and maybe a cookie and a glass of milk. I didn’t hear him last Christmas, and I don’t think I will hear him this Christmas. I’ll go to bed whatever time my mummy and daddy say. I will get up just when it’s morning and after breakfast I will run into the sitting room and tear open those presents. I have written my letter but I haven’t posted it yet. It takes santa ages to get to my house cause he has to go to every house to bring the boys and girls their presents. I am really, really, really, really, really excited.

Oisín Mac Roibeaird (age 6)

I am getting an Ipad so i can plays games, and I’m getting superheroes. Spiderman is my favourite superhero. I have a spiderman costume, but it’s gone in the bin now cause Halloween is over. I am going to leave Santa out milk, pie, ham, and carrots. Santa will get a little bit dirty coming down my chimney. I haven’t written my letter yet. I’m going to write it Saturday morning. I will leave it on the table and the elf will take it. I’ve never, ever heard Santa land on my roof. If I woke up and heard him I would go back to sleep. I wouldn’t come downstairs for a look. I will get up at half past eight, actually quarter past eight. My sister wakes up at six o clock. She is two. She’s getting a doll’s house. She might draw it in a letter. Mummy’s not getting any present, but daddy is. He’s getting a toy. Mummy doesn’t want a present, she just wants things from shops. She doesn’t like things from the North Pole.

Odhran O Leathiobhair (age 4)

I’m getting a stretchy Scooby-doo. I like Scooby. AndI want a tablet to play Angry Birds. And I’d like a scooter. A red one. I don’t know what time I’m getting up. I heard Santa knock at the door last year. David said he heard him. He’s my big brother. He wanted to come in but no one let him in so he came down the chimney. He didn’t ring the bell. I think Santa likes to eat pie.

Rían O Searcaigh (age 5)

I want a surprise, nothing else. I’m going to hang my stocking at the end of my bed. Santa will leave a present under the tree and a surprise in my stocking. Last year I got chocolate rolos. I’m going to bed at 10 o’clock, and up at 20 o’clock.

Last year I heard Santa fall down the chimney, he landed on his butt. I saw him, and I heard him, because I was peeking

He left the presents and he went out the door. The reindeers were up on the roof but I didn’t hear them.

Megan Bhreatnach (age 4)

I am getting a new scooter in rainbow colours. I am going to have three scooters. I really, really like scooters. I also want a doll’s house. I haven’t written my letter yet. I am going to write one tomorrow. I keep forgetting to write it.

I am going to get up early to open my presents, maybe at 3 o’clock. Is that early?

I am going to have chicken for my Christmas dinner. Once I tasted turkey and I didn’t like it. Do you know what’s yummy? Chicken and ketchup. Mummy always gives that to me every Christmas. I have an elf on the shelf in my room, he moves every night. He does crazy things. Do you know what he does? He does colouring every night with my colouring book. Do you know what I am putting out for him? Chocolate biscuits and milk, and stripey candy canes for the reindeers. Reindeers love them more than they love carrots.

Cáit Mai Nic Chonbhuí (age 5)

I want a scooter, and a big huge LOL, they can cry, and spit, pop water out of their ears and change colour, the limited edition ones. Last year I heard Santa and I woke up my mum and dad and said he was here, and they said ‘go back to bed’. He left one of the presents and we didn’t know which one it was for. We were all grabbing it. We opened it up and we saw it was mine. It was my minion and he actually talks. Santa saw me. He heard my stomping and he ran up the chimney. That day me and Clodagh (sister) were bouncing on my mum and dad to get up at one o’clock. They said ‘go back to bed’. I heard the reindeers, they were on the roof, I heard their bells, they made lots of noise. On Christmas Day we always go in circles to make sure we don’t fight about going first, and it always goes me, Clodagh, she’s 7, and Hannah, my big sister, she is 16.

Katie (Cait) Mai Ni Chonbhui and Zara Ni Laoire. Pic: Larry Cummins
Katie (Cait) Mai Ni Chonbhui and Zara Ni Laoire. Pic: Larry Cummins

Zara Ní Laoire (age 4)

Santa is magic. He has a jar of magic. He uses it to do magic. I want a pogo stick so you can jump up and down on it and it makes you jump higher. I want some dollies, I love dollies. Last year I got a microphone and a guitar. I made loads of noise. Mammy and daddy kept saying stop. They didn’t like the music on the microphone cause it was loud. The pogo stick doesn’t make noise. I hung my stocking up in my room. Last year I got a red big glittery red bow and I wore it. And I have a Spanish clip with dots and the clip broke.

Aislinn Ní Rain (age 5)

I’m getting a teddy dog, I have loads of teddies, and I’m getting a toy lion. I like lions because they are yellow. I got dragons last year. The teddy dog has sparkly eyes. I already have a sparkly-eyed teddy called Spark. I have two real dogs, Heidi and Scarlett. We have three cats and we have a kitten, called mittens. Daddy feeds and walks them. They won’t bark when Santa comes because they will be asleep. I’ve got a teeny brother and a big sister. My brother Culann is two, he is getting a tractor and a trailer. Frost the gnome is going to leave out chocolate biscuits for Santa. He lives in my house.. We have two Christmas trees, Santa will put the presents under the biggest tree. I don’t know if my chimney is clean, but if Santa gets dirty he can put his clothes in the wash. I don’t know what I am having for dinner because I am going to Portugal. I will get my presents there but I don’t know if we will have a chimney.

Oisin MacRoibeaird with Santa. Pic: Larry Cummins.
Oisin MacRoibeaird with Santa. Pic: Larry Cummins.

Eli Mac Conbhuí (age 5)

I’m getting wild lego, like animals that are wild. I put a lot of them together myself. I’m getting a hoverboard so that I don’t have to walk to school. I haven’t written a letter but I’m going to do it tonight. And I have Christmas pyjamas. Every Christmas night I get new ones. I’m having turkey for Christmas dinner, I like turkey, and salmon. I’m going to bed at 7 o’clock. Last year I got up at 6 o’clock in the morning and I woke my mum and dad up but they weren’t cross. My sister is 4, she is getting a talking doll.

Rhys O Déadaigh (age 6)

I’m getting a hoverboard so I can fly up in the air like Santa. I don’t want anything else, just a hoverboard. I’ve no stocking. I will go to bed a 20 o’clock. And get up at 10. I’m having bacon for my Christmas dinner, no turkey, and potatoes, nothing else. Last year I got a hoverboard, so now I will have two. I have a brother, he’s getting a hoverboard, and my mam and dad are getting hoverboards. I’m going to leave out cookies, milk, cake and water.

Junior infant pupils at Gaelscoil de hIde, Fermoy, Co. Cork.
Junior infant pupils at Gaelscoil de hIde, Fermoy, Co. Cork.

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