Here’s how one tweet has raised over €13,000 for the homeless in Ireland

And they are not finished yet.

Here’s how one tweet has raised over €13,000 for the homeless in Ireland

RTÉ Gold Presenter RIck O’Shea today expressed his gratitude as his Book Club raises €13,300 for the Peter McVerry trust after a tweet went viral.

And they are not finished yet.

Rick O’Shea asked the 22,000 members of the club - The Rick O'Shea Book Club; to consider donating the average price of a book, roughly €5, to the homeless for Christmas.

And the response was one he was not expecting got quite the response…

"So I sent out a tweet less than a week ago to my book club and followers and then the donations came in an avalanche,” O’Shea said.

We started at 4pm on Tuesday November 12 with the aim of reaching €5000 by Christmas. We raised that total in the first 36 hours

“I upped the target to €10,000 and we hit that at 11 pm on Thursday, we are now on €13,300 and it is still rising. Every five quid goes such a long way but, already we've had three €500 plus anonymous donations and a bunch in the hundreds!”

Today Rick asked corporate Ireland to step up to the challenge;

“I'd love companies and corporates to consider giving a tiny something at this time of year on top of all of the members of the public digging deep! Your fiver will make such a difference to the number of people they can help on cold, dark Irish streets this Christmas."

Rick's appeal runs until December 31s tat

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