Kieran Donaghy announces retirement in a unique way - via poetry

He’s a poet, bet you didn’t even know it

Kieran Donaghy announces retirement in a unique way - via poetry

Kieran Donaghy is a legend when it comes to the game of Gaelic football.

However many wouldn't know the Kerry GAA star is actually quite the gifted poet.

Kieran announced the news of his retirement from inter-county football via a poem he wrote and it’s actually quite good.

Here's the full transcript.

"Kerry I thank you…

Up to Croker in ‘97, my dream it began

Standing in the Nally, I said ‘Maybe I can’

The famine was ended and Kerry were back

As a minor four years later, I’d give it a crack

Thank god I’m from Kerry, we sure are the best

History, tradition, st Brendan on the crest

I played right on the edge, not a backward step taken

Will I ever apologise? You must be mistaken

By God, it was special, the Green and Gold on my back

I did my job well, in the air I’d attack,

To the jersey I love you, I wore you with pride

Didn’t win them all but so hard I tried.

The future is exciting, we must support our team

It’s been so emotional and we’ve shared the dream

That’s a big part of it, that’s what we’re about

It’s the jersey, it’s Kerry, It’s ‘Up the Kingdom!’ we shout

I’ll never forget ye, ye know who ye are

Bonded forever, on the pitch, at the bar

We climbed all the mountains, they look good from the top

Celtic crosses in our pockets, those memories won’t stop.

Fitzgerald stadium was home, it’s where I kicked my last ball

After hugging my brothers, the tears did fall

I shouldn’t be sad, we were good for each other

Now's the right time to hand it to another

The next chapter is here. Oh I can’t wait

No ifs, no buts, only total faith

Hilary, Lola Rose and Indie by my side

Made it a no brainer to eventually decide

My Kerry, my Family, my Mom and my Nan

Donaghys, Fitzgeralds and the O’Connors are my clan,

This sums up my journey and one thing’s for sure,

In the words of John B, ‘I’m one lucky hoor’"

Fair play Kieran.

Can we now start calling him the Seamus Heaney of the GAA world?

It didn't take long before fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to the GAA star’s retirement.

Only time will tell if this new style of retiring will catch on.

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