Online Lives: Meet Northern Irish blogger Emer Dooris

Denise O'Donoghue chats to Belfast-based blogger Emer Dooris

Online Lives: Meet Northern Irish blogger Emer Dooris

Denise O'Donoghue chats to Belfast-based blogger Emer Dooris

Northern Irish blogger Emer Dooris describes herself as “outspoken, bubbly and loud”.

She loves to share insights into her life in Belfast on her website, and on social media as @edooris.

“I write honestly about arts, entertainment and lifestyle, mostly theatre reviews, gig reviews and things to do in Belfast,” she said.”Sometimes I also write about my personal life, being 30, single, and going through a redundancy.”

The 33-year-old currently lives in Belfast but is originally from Strabane, Co Tyrone and is one of seven children. She works in digital marketing and has a degree in drama and English and a post-graduate degree in management. She says the skills she learned through blogging helped to open up new opportunities for her career and her personal life.

"I worked as an operations manager for a cinema when I started blogging and through my blogging I found new skills, new passions and a new career. I have also made new friends and found a new voice when it comes to facing challenges in my life.”

She says her top tip for new bloggers is to write about topics that they find interesting rather than what is topical.”If you want to write or blog just do it but write about something that you are generally interested in. Don’t follow the trends, be you, and enjoy it.”

Blogging can be a time-consuming activity for Emer, who sometimes struggles to fit it into her busy schedule.

"It’s hard to keep up with writing, attending events and working full time but I enjoy it. I wouldn’t continue with it if I didn’t

“I would have loved to have been told to be confident and don’t fear writing a negative review because readers will see it’s your honest opinion.”

She said she has faced some challenges but has found mostly support online.

“You can get online abuse and some people just aren’t supportive and think you are in it for the freebies or the money,” she said.

“I enjoy being part of Irish and NI blogging communities as you meet people who are helpful, supportive and are engaging. I have read about new experiences and have put them on my bucket list or I’ve been able to get a general census on something before I post it.”

Emer shares her posts on Instagram and Twitter, and enjoys interacting on Instagram in particular.

“I love Instagram for interactions through Instastory.”

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