Dear Mayweather, please don’t use the word eejit

No, just NO.

Dear Mayweather, please don’t use the word eejit

Ding! Ding! Round two in the series of press conference’s between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather before their fight in August.

This time the duo appeared in Toronto, Canada.

After McGregor attended the Los Angeles confrontation in a suit aimed to insult the boxer, we were expecting Mayweather to hit back even harder this time around.

Turns out, he just made the crowd (and our entire nation) cringe with his trash talk to McGregor.

Mayweather gives it all that until he confidently walks up to the UFC champ and calls him an “eejit”.

No, just NO.

Jump to 10:03 to see the exact moment in all it’s glory.

The holy mortifying shame of it.

The boxer also donned our tri-colour around his shoulders, which you can imagine didn’t go down too well.

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