From Perth to Clonakilty just for mammy

A feel-good story.

From Perth to Clonakilty just for mammy

Pam runs Burke by Design in Clonakilty, a small family business.

Today a customer reminded her just what it means to be a part of a small Irish community.

Pam thought a customer, Claire, was just talking on the phone when it turned out she was on FaceTime with her friend in Perth.

Claire had been tasked with picking up a Mother's Day gift for her faraway friend's mammy from her favourite local shop.

"It would have been so easy for her to just order something online," Pam said.

"I just thought it was so lovely, it's exactly what a small community in Ireland is all about."

As Pam tried to video the "lovely message" her phone died, she also admits she's not particularly handy with technology so the video isn't perfect - but you get the idea.

"It's a lovely thought, that you could be so far away but still thinking of home."

Anything for mammy.

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