Nokia 3310 relaunch: Is the brick back?

Back to the future.

Nokia 3310 relaunch: Is the brick back?

It's official, the classic Nokia 3310 is making a comeback.


The updated version of the 3310 features the classic mobile game snake and a month-long stand-by battery life. Month-long.

The revamped model will go on sale later this year.

Twitter is buzzing after the news landed but will people really give up their handheld portals to the online realm for this retro throwback?

People have been praising the simplicity of the phone, snake and a battery life that is longer than probably most of the devices we own these days - but are we really ready to surrender high-spec features for basic functionality?

We certainly wouldn't miss the constant e-mail notifications from work. Ahem.

The brick phone is well-known to be extremely durable and long-lasting, that means no more costly screen replacements, expensive cases or fear that it may explode.

Just another brick in the wall or the phone to rule them all?

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