Italian police cook pasta for elderly couple heard 'crying with loneliness'

And the Facebook post sharing the story has gone viral.

Italian police cook pasta for elderly couple heard 'crying with loneliness'

Four Italian policemen have been praised on social media after they cooked a simple meal of pasta for a distressed elderly couple.

The Rome police officers were responding to a neighbour's calls that cries had been heard coming from inside their apartment.

Jole, 84, and Michele,94, told police that they were lonely and upset at the state of the world they saw on the news.

The official police Facebook page shared the story in a very poetic post that described the couple's situation:

"It is not always an easy life.

"Especially when the city is empty and the neighbours are away on vacation. Sometimes the loneliness melts into tears. Sometimes it's like a summer storm. It comes suddenly and overtakes one."

While waiting for an ambulance to arrive to check out the couple's health, the police officers decided to rustle up "a little bit of warmth to bring peace to Jole and Michele" - a bowl of pasta with butter and cheese.

As the post says, 'nothing special. But with a precious ingredient: inside it is humanity".

And the kind gesture has gone viral on Facebook - shared over 24,000 times, with hundreds praising the four men.

"God bless you. Would be nice to meet you. I am an officer too in the USA. We need more like you too. Very caring and understanding."

"It's wonderful that the officers took their time to cook a meal for this lovely couple. I hope the posts from all over the world will help them know they are not alone."

The post points out that although a crime wasn't committed, they still needed some help.

"Jole and Michele, they love each other. But when the loneliness is a burden on the heart, it may happen that they lose hope."


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