Here's why some post boxes in Dublin have been painted red

No, we haven't been invaded.

Here's why some post boxes in Dublin have been painted red

Ten post boxes across Dublin at locations such as Stephens Green and Liberty Hall have suddenly turned red.

And some people were a little confused.

The painted - and still working - post boxes are designed to get people talking as well as acting "as beacons for the events they witnessed a hundred years ago".

It's all part of a project from An Post ahead of the centenary celebrations this weekend which they hope will draw people's attention to the lesser-known stories of the 1916 Rising.

Passers-by can text the word printed on the side of the boxes to the number provided to access videos of what would have been happening in that area during the Rising, when the post boxes would have been red.

As you know, before Irish independence, all post boxes were red. According to the An Post website, "one of the first acts of the new Irish Government was to order that green would be the new colour for Post Office letter boxes".

The reaction has been fairly positive online with a few wondering if it was the most appropriate of ideas.

For more details, visit the website here.

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