Why you should never post a pic of your winning ticket online before you cash it

This Australian girl found out the hard way.

Why you should never post a pic of your winning ticket online before you cash it

If you ever win big on the horses, take a lesson from this poor Australian girl and don't post a a pic of the betting slip before you've collected your winnings.

Chantelle from Perth was at the infamous Melbourne Cup races and decided to have a bit of a flutter.

She placed a $20 bet on a horse called Prince of Penzance with odds of 101-1 and was “stoked” to discover she had won $900.

She posted a celebratory selfie with her winning ticket to Facebook with the caption "Winner winner chicken dinner".

Aaaaand one of her Facebook friends scanned the ticket's barcode at an automated ticket machine and collected her winnings.

“Fifteen minutes [after posting the photo] I went to collect the money and was told it had already been claimed,” she told radio station Triple M.

"All of our profiles are private, so it has to be someone we would like to think of as an acquaintance, I will have to have a Facebook cull now."

Understandably angry, Chanelle posted the following to Facebook:

"To the low life who is obviously my friend on Facebook and used my photo to claim our winnings. You’re a massive dick. You ruined my day.”

Police have been able to source which machine the ticket was cashed in and are confident they'll be able to track the person responsible.

And the rest of us learned a valuble life lesson.

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