One of these is Jupiter's moon — the rest are frying pans

This is surprisingly difficult.

One of these is Jupiter's moon — the rest are frying pans

Reddit's space forum is a wonderful little place for anyone with an interest in the extraterrestrial. But this little gem is perfect for trolling your space-loving buddies.

Posted today by user youreeka, the image shows nine stunning "planets" - but comes with the warning that all but one are actually photos of frying pans.

So, which one?

Go on, take a guess. We'll add this buffer zone and tell you the answer once you scroll down...

Well? Here's your answer:

... it's the one on the middle left, and is the moon Europa. It's the sixth-largest moon in our solar system - slightly smaller than our own.

The others, as we said, are frying pans. The image has been repurposed from photographer Christopher Jonassen's still-life study of frying pans, titled "Devour".

Eagle-eyed astronomy enthusiasts in the Reddit thread say that even without knowing what Europa looks like - the image used is one of the most famous of the moon - the long canyons should have given it away.

— Posted to Reddit /space, a science-themed subreddit.

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