Have you seen the most popular YouTube video in Ireland?

Because you don't really need to do any work today.

Have you seen the most popular YouTube video in Ireland?

Long ago in ancient Ireland, people actually did some work at their desks, and parties were an occasion to talk to other people.

Then, everything changed when YouTube arrived.

The world's biggest video site is ten years old this year – the first video, "Me at the Zoo" was uploaded on April 23, 2005 – and they've mined the data to make a list of the most-watched clips in Ireland.

Are you all packed and ready for a nostalgia trip from the last few years? Because the most watched video is —

Yep, "Charlie bit my finger again" took the top spot. It isn't just popular here - it's actually the most-viewed non-music video globally, with a whopping 820 million views - all for a baby biting someone's finger.

The Irish entries

But there's plenty of home-made movies on the list, too. Apart from music videos, the next most popular clip comes from Cork's very own Sminky Shorts - in fact, he's numbers two and three, with "Tommy" and "I Can't Do It".

Then we lost all run of ourselves with the nonsense that is "Ultimate Dog Tease" and The Annoying Orange before Irish content takes the reins against with Republic of Telly's classic "You Know You're Irish When...".

And proof that we all love a good wedding clocks in at number 7, with "Original Big surprise for Bride and Groom..." from last year.

Go on, Father Ray Kelly. The list is rounded out by Lucy Spraggan's 2012 X-Factor audition where she sings about "the fear", 80 Kinder Surprise eggs being opened, and – what else – Kony - remember him?

The most-watched music video list is pretty generic, with – what else? – Gangnam Style and Taylor Swift: but our own lads the Rubberbandits take the second slot with Horse Outside.

All right. That's enough of that. Back to work, you lot.

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