Trinity College magazine apologises after publishing 'date-rape' story

Miscellany magazine has recalled all copies of the Trinity Ball Guide after the online backlash to one of its articles.

Trinity College magazine apologises after publishing 'date-rape' story

A Trinity College magazine has been forced to apologise after an article published in its 2015 Trinity Ball Guide faced backlash on Twitter.

Miscellany magazine - which describes itself as "Trinity College Dublin's foremost publication for opinion, review and analysis" - was set to hand out a copy with each ticket for tonight's Ball but the issue has been recalled.

The story - written anonymously - details how two male students attempted to sneak into the annual event dressed as paramedics. Having successfully got in, the pair were mistaken for actual paramedics by security and asked to look after a young woman in distress.

The writer then recalls how he and his friend became 'Eskimo brothers' and got an STI. 'Eskimo brothers' is slang for two guys who have had sex with the same girl.

The magazine has since apologised but the reaction online has been damning with many accusing the publication of perpetuating rape culture and others wondering how the story was approved by editors.

The magazine has said they are removing the article from their online content and recalling hard copies.


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